Poyo's Almost Fall Closet Sale

Wanted to post some books here for sale while slowly cleaning out the closet and organizing some comics to give you CHU folks a chance on some of these finds before I list them on Mercari.

First up is some TMNT Last Ronin books (NM and unread, just like @D-Rog likes them).

TMNT Last Ronin #1 First Printing - Make me an offer! SOLD!!!

TMNT Last Ronin #1 Momoko Virgin Variant - Make offer!

TMNT Last Ronin #3 RI 1:10 - Make offer!

And if anyone buys the #1 first print and Momoko, I’ll throw in the #3 RI for free.


Thrawn #1 JTC Action Figure Variant - NM (Probably 9.6+ at CBCS and 12.0 at CGC)… And how was I not aware these are going for $45+ on eBay currently with most around the $70 mark?

Make me an offer!

Sorry for the shitty pics too, my camera on my phone is not co-operating with the light.

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Silk #2 Rose Besch 1:25 Variant - Make me an offer!

New Agents of Atlas #1 First Printing - Make me an offer!


BRZRKR #1 3rd Print - Limited to 10k total right? Something like that. Make me your best offer!

Nottingham #1 2nd Print - Make me offer SOLD!!!

Werewolf by Night #1 Veregge Variant - Sadly suffered some slight damage on a corner. Maybe press it out? Make me an offer.

You just want offers here? This one looks NM, as long as there is nothing wrong that I can’t see, I’d like to snag it from you.

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Send me actual $$ offer via PM.

I took it for a closer look, the only thing noticeable is some very slight color rub blemish near the staples on the back and no spine ticks but some of the crease/fold wear on the fold. I’m about to upload an image.

Agents of Atlas slight flaw on back cover.

Thrawn #1 Regular Cover - Make me an offer!

Most of these will be NM 9.6 or better I think and I’ll point out any flaws if found or seen.

Square bound comics I think are the exception to the “unread” meme rule, since with square bound if you open it too much it does actually crease along the front cover.


I started listing some of these on Mercari… so if you’re interested, let me know. I’ve already entertained offers on the Thrawn #1 JTC and TMNT Last Ronin first print…

Still got a few of these so far available for anyone interested. I’d rather sell to CHU folks than random Mercari buyers… :wink:

I’ll be trying to list more as I plan to dig through closet again this weekend.


$350, sold! :wink:

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