Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 04/12/2021

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

BRZRKR #1 4th Printing Foil is on FOC this week. Maybe BOOM! will actually wait for the actual total number of orders to come in to send to the printers but if history is behind their normal games, they’ve already got X amount ordered to be printed and they’ll holler allocation and announce the 5th printing next week sometime.

Silver Coin #1 gets a second printing and it’s on FOC this week. I really liked this first issue and looking forward to the next. Not sure how this second printing will fare though as I know you can still easily find the first prints online and at your local shops.

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #4 is just a must. Star Wars is hot right now, any and all potential first appearances can go up in value over time if and when they show up in some cartoon, show, movie, Disney+…

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #4

Good 'ol Gleason gets a 2nd print of his webbed style for Carnage Black White & Blood #1. For all you people on the bandwagon to collect all variants of this new style, this one’s for you.

The fabulous new series that I’ve been really enjoying gets a 2nd printing for the hot new We Live #5. We saw that the first printing of this issue is getting some love on the secondary market. Great series, great story with great artwork = success!

If you missed out on this first arc (the single issues are not as easy to find since the first issue did quite well for a while on the secondary market, you can order the We Live TPB Vol 01 which is also on FOC this Monday).

Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 is on FOC. It’s gonna have a big print run but it’s still a must have. So many potential firsts in this new War of the Bounty Hunters crossover story for all the Star Wars titles. I’m being a FOMO turd and picking up multiples of each myself…

Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (McNiven Crimson Variant)
Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (Yu Variant)
Star Wars War Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (Action Figure Variant)
Star Wars Bounty Hunters Alpha Director Cut #1

It’s not a floppy book but it is one of the best Marvel reads I think. It’s a new printing and gallery edition.

Death Captain Marvel Gallery Edition HC is just a must read I think for anyone who has never read it. I read this on my Marvel Unlimited app but I might pick this sucker up just to get the gallery edition as it’s gonna be 100 times better in physical form.

Death Captain Marvel Gallery Edition HC

Also another trade on FOC with a new printing, for you Moon Knight fans is the Moon Knight Epic Collection TPB Bad Moon Rising (New Ptg). Another set of issues I can read digitally but might just have to pickup to have in physical form and not having to crack open the old bagged and board issues to read.

This pretty much collects all Moon Knights first and super early appearances all in one.

Moon Knight Epic Collection TPB Bad Moon Rising (New Ptg)


Ill pick up a Silver Coin 2nd print. These are the type of 2nd prints I like, when the 1st issue is liked but not sold out everywhere. Should have a low print run.

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Doing the same for bounty hunters. Just wait for the 2nd print. Too big a run and the covers don’t impress me. Is this the first big Star Wars cross over event in comics?

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