Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 05/03/2021 📢

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

So this was on FOC two weeks ago (unless I’m losing my mind). I’m guessing they pushed back the FOC date and here we are again for Black Panther #25. So here’s the full list again, which I think includes some pretty awesome covers for these Stormbreakers Variants.

I posted in February the full list. But if you can’t bother clicking that link, here’s the list of them all on FOC this Monday May 3rd:

Black Panther #25 (Cabal Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Cassara Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Coello Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Gleason Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Momoko Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Silva Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Bustos Stormbreakers Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Carnero Stormbreakers Variant)

And then there’s a few more variants for this issue:

Black Panther #25 (Reborn Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Stelfreeze Final Issue Variant)
Black Panther #25 (Spratt Variant)
And then the regular cover:
Black Panther #25

Black Panther #25

This next pick is what I think one of the best looking Alien covers so far from Adam Kubert.

Alien #3 (Adam Kubert Variant). Just an awesome looking cover. Love it.

Alien #3 (Adam Kubert Variant)

Star Wars Darth Vader #12 is another book I’m picking based on the Bounty Hunter big event but also just because the cover is pretty awesome. There’s also the tinted red version they’re dubbing the “Crimson Variant” for these as well.

Star Wars Darth Vader #12

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #10 is another Bounty Hunter tie-in I’m looking forward to. Vukorah (leader of the Unbroken Clan) makes an appearance and for you first appearance chasers, she first appeared in Bounty Hunters #3.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #10

Made in Korea #1 (of 6) is a book I’ve already read. I’m already onboard. Love the premise and the story. I’m fascinated with AI so this one hits home for me. Plus, a part of the story takes place in Conroe, TX, where my mother lives.

Made in Korea #1 (of 6)

Star Wars Adventures Weapon of a Jedi #1 (of 2) is not a book I’m expecting any heat on (unless there’s a new appearance or what not) but definitely a book for any Star Wars fan. Contrary to what some might say, for me, it’s not much of a Star Wars story if there’s no light sabers involved.

Star Wars Adventures Weapon of a Jedi #1 (of 2)

Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 gets a 3rd printing, on FOC this Sunday. There’s also Batman Fortnite Zero Point #3 with a 2nd printing on FOC this Sunday May 2nd as well.

Nightwing #79 gets a 2nd printing as well, for you Nightwing fans.

Many Deaths of Laila Starr #1 (3rd printing). We just got the first issue about a week ago and BOOM! announced the 2nd printing before the first hit stands. Now there’s a 3rd printing on FOC. Seems like they’re certainly sending these additional prints to the printers well ahead of time.

Black Widow #7 might be a book to keep a watchful eye on. After we saw #6 blow up and sell out with some heat, these solicitations for this one and even Black Widow #8 / Black Widow #9 give me the feeling of more from this new sidekick and potentially more firsts.

It also helps I’ve been enjoying these Adams Hughes covers.

Black Widow #7


There’s a new character being introduced in Black Widow #7… Apogee.


Thanks Poyo, always looking forward to your FOC Last Call, Spec and Drek, and Variants of the Week!


this is my favorite article of the week.
I always compare my list to yours.

I had already put down Alien #3 a couple weeks ago.

Here is what I asked for as well.

MAR210471 - Star Wars Adventures Weapon of a Jedi
MAR217080 - ROBIN #2
MAY210667 - [x5] - Star Wars High Republic #7
MAY210669 - [x5] - Star Wars High Republic #7 (AF Variant)
MAY210455 - [x5] - Star Wars High Republic Adv. #6

People once asked me my x4 or x5 and here is the story behind me getting several. I’m sure my LCS is not complaining either since I help them get closer to those RI…

I have 4 nephews and when I die or they graduate high school, I want to leave something for them. IF they choose to read them or sell them will be up to them. I collect and buy Star Wars Books, True Believers, DC Dollars, Valiant Dollar Debuts, Image Firsts, Facsimiles all in SETS of 5… also a little bit of this and that of other stuff, like I threw in the Batman run from like #87-current in there for them, some others, I do it for some times not all. Aliens is one of them because the character is named Gabriel Cruz, and well that’s my name of Coarse…


Lots of reprints, facsimiles, and some modern wannabe keys / 1st appearances in there… like Strange Academy, they have the entire current run of each cover with various copies of various variants of #1, New Agents of Atlas, they got Naomis, 1st Vivian (Vision), lots of stuff here and there… etc etc.


Love that Robin cover. Also great to see Hughes doing great stuff again on BW


I think I found the Money Shot #11 Black Bag cover by Seeley which is NSFW 18+. I put a link below.



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Robin was pretty good, so I’m getting #2.

Preordering books from a reliable source is more important than ever in this hobby.

I won’t show up to my LCS before open to hunt for something I missed because now it’s a cluster-. It doesn’t help that my LCS pulls hot books and the other shops nearby do the same. Regardless of the shenanigans, books have been blowing off the shelves since the “bubble” started. I’m refusing to pay $5-8 to ship one book that I’m not guaranteed to find on release day either. More importantly, if some Lemming-KKing decides to point there blind underlings toward the next shiny object that I’m interested in before I get it, then I’m outta luck. I’m in these Facebook cults/groups and the fomo is unreal. I’ve read posts where people are in the acceptance stage with all of these new exclusives and releases. Maybe people are addicted or spending more than they should. I’ve seen some covers that look like crap on a page, but groups will hype it up and people will buy it. So, I’m doing something I don’t normally do. I’m preordering a book before seeing the cover, because this is the hobby right now.


I’m with you…and have learned a lot about “FOMO” from these forums…and now I see it. I love the two main tips I got when I first came here: 1. Bet on Cover A; 2. If you miss a book, don’t worry, there will be another one.

I was spending a lot of time driving around to 3 or 4 shops to snap up whatever I could, time that could be better spent doing my day job, and working on my website / inventory. I now go once or twice a month to pick up my pull list, and if its a day where hot comics are out, great. If I get one, even better, but I’m not fighting for them. My shop has some really great customers and employees alike, so I am always excited to go.

I feel like reading these forums for 2 hours instead of traveling around to shops gives me a much better chance at getting the next flip than being out there. I have also been taking that cash and putting it into older books, silver age specifically, because its the sure fire bet.

Either way, this article (being one of my favorites next to the Previews article), are much appreciated, and just wanted to say thank you @agentpoyo . :wink:


I also suspect this sometimes. Claim groups and shows are an interesting cross-section of fans… the big spenders become obvious quickly, and then every once in a while someone will mention what they do for a living and it doesn’t compute with the money they are laying out. Makes you wonder.


I swear I read somewhere once that some folks who engage in selling illegal goods or services have seen the comic market blowing up and have done money laundering somehow with it. “I swear, I came by this 5 grand by selling a rare comic, I didn’t do anything illicit for it.”

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I wonder if these large auction houses have to adhere to the same laws like the banking industry such as knowing your customer and ensuring you aren’t taking money from drug dealers, human traffickers, etc?

I don’t really need to post this with how the 1st apps are being pumped out at DC, but here is this.

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Stop flipping and be a collector. You’ll sleep better at night. Take it from someone who as been collecting since the 70’s.

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I always hold some, and collect the characters I like, but the real thing I like is the really old stuff, even if its not worth much. I sleep well every night :slight_smile:

Flippers today are like stock speculators on the penny stocks. Bubble will pop. They will get wiped out.

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Oh I agree, thats why I reinvest that into the old books, much safer there :wink:


I think with any solid portfolio it’s good to diversify.

That way the ups and downs are much smoother ride.

Good balance of older steady keys with some higher risk moderns (but buy in low).

If those moderns pan out rinse and repeat.


This is exactly my methodology. And buying in low means getting a comic for 20-30% off via a preorder, and staying away from purchasing via ebay at premium prices…unless you really feel that character is going to blow up.

I buy and box away. At some point someone will come looking for a copy. Why? New comic book readers emerge every day. And a portion of these readers become collectors that want mint copies. Market always expands. Case in point. I remember buying a copy of Edge of Spider-verse #2 for like $40 off eBay. I missed the initial print but wanted some pristine 1st prints. The seller was unloading a bunch of them. Let’s say seller sold 20 at $30-40 a pop. I got probably near the last one. Seller scored $700 or so total selling 20. Now - if the seller held those, who could have sold each one today at $1k+ a pop, assuming same condition as mine - mint. That’s $20k folks. Selling in this market is all about timing. Sometimes good to sell quickly after release - sure. But in my years of collecting, hold and wait has always been better.