Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 05/10/2021 📢

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Alien #2 (2nd Ptg) is just a really cool cover. Retailers likely went heavy on Issue #1, scaled back a bit on the second issue but I’m sure this one likely won’t get heavily ordered. I’m buying for the cover art though myself.

Alright so for me, JTC action figure covers are still cool but they sort of lost their way with so many coming out. But now with the War of the Bounty Hunters story line, I’m actually excited for these once again. So this next one is a must after the Black Armor Variant that came out for the Alpha issue.

Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters #1 (of 5) (JTC Action Figure Variant)

Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters #1 (of 5) (JTC Action Figure Variant)

There’s going to be a billion of them printed to end Cates run on Venom which brings us Venom #35 (which is the 200th issue according to the legacy numbering). Unless something extremely big happens or there’s a first appearance that everyone dies for in the issue, it’s gonna be a long time before it carries any value. But this is definitely the issue you still buy 1 or 2 of to stash. Stick to the covers you like most and if you can’t decide, go with Cover A.

Venom #35 (200th Issue)

Alright, so you don’t normally buy Omnibuses or trades. You’re just a floppy type of collector and reader but if there is one Omnibus you buy this year, this is the one to buy I think.

Star Wars Legends Rise Sith Omnibus HC (Fleming DM Variant)

These are expensive, shops don’t go heavy on them (normally only ordering based on pre-orders and then 1 or 2 at most for the shelf) and they end up being super hard to find down the beaten collectors path. Great way to buy all those back issues without paying the full premium prices while not having to man handle them as well just to read. There is also the Star Wars Legends Rise Sith Omnibus HC (Bachs Cover) but I like the Darth Maul cover a whole lot more.

Star Wars Legends Rise Sith Omnibus HC (Fleming DM Variant)

The Worst Dudes #1 sounds like a great bathroom read type of book. It’s been on my to check out list when I first saw it in my Indie Previews Picks.

The Worst Dudes #1

Shadecraft #1 gets a Third Print. Previews still shows the cover art from the 2nd printing, so not entirely sure if it’s going to be a slight variation or just used until they get the completed artwork up. Either way, might be under ordered and if this series ever does make it to our screens (since it was already announced as optioned), could be a winner one day as the first printing regular cover is still an easy $15 to $25 flip if you can find those out in the wild.

The real winner I think from this series so far was the limited TFAW Orzu Variant. If you were able to snag a few of these when they went on sale and haven’t dumped it yet (if that was your intention to flip), now’s the time before they drop even lower as these reached a peak of $160 but are now selling anywhere from $70 to $80 with the most recent sales.

Shadecraft #1 (2nd Ptg)

DC Horror Presents the Conjuring the Lover #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Ryan Brown VHS Tribute Card Stock Variant) is just a great cover I think. Truly brings out the old classic VHS tapes I think. There’s also the Bill Sienkiewicz Regular A Cover but the VHS is the winner cover this time. Always bet on A but not when B is Better and there’s no other real choices available.

Anyone notice that the cover of this though has #2 on it but it’s being solicited as #1. Hmmm… I hope it’s not a mix-up over there at Lunar.

DC Horror Presents the Conjuring the Lover #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Ryan Brown VHS Tribute Card Stock Variant)|800pxxauto

Don’t care what people say, these are still easy money I think. Batman Fortnite Zero Point #4 (2nd Ptg). We’re getting additional printings for a reason I think. Fortnite players want their codes and can’t seem to be bothered in pre-ordering them off comic book websites.

Batman Fortnite Zero Point #4 (2nd Ptg)|800pxxauto

You Tynion fan boys and girls will likely be chasing this next book coming out on DC’s Black Label imprint.

Nice House on the Lake #1 (of 12) (Cover A - Alvaro Martinez Bueno) and Nice House on the Lake #1 (of 12) (Cover B - Martin Simmonds Card Stock Variant). Then TFAW has a pretty kick ass Francavilla Exclusive which was a must for me being a Francavilla fan.

Nice House on the Lake #1 (of 12) (Cover A - Alvaro Martinez Bueno)

A new Cullen Bunn book I want to check out for a potential entertaining read is Basilisk #1. There’s also a Basilisk #1 (Cover B - Ward) variant. I like Ward’s work most of the time. Very underrated artist in my opinion.

Basilisk #1 (Cover A - Scharf)

If FOMO! Studios keeps playing their silly games, Proctor Valley Road #1 (of 5) (2nd Ptg Franquiz Variant) could be one of those books that end up commanding a crap ton of money later on down the road. I just like the cover myself…

This new title from AWA has got my attention. What would you do if you unleashed a super power but then only had months to live? Moths #1 explores this very scenario. I’m really digging the Andrews variant for this one seen below:

Moths #1 (Cover B - Andrews)

This is my FOC pick of the week as I have high hopes for this series. From the same artist who does We Live which has been fantastic, this is a book I’m not going to miss out on.

Out of Body #1. Yes please… Love these covers too. I’m really hoping these are limited to just a single regular cover which in my opinion makes them truly special if they do ever heat up and I don’t even have to tell you people to “Bet on Cover A”…


This is what ComicHub shows for Conjuring 1, Cover B.

That is the correct cover.

I figured Previews was gonna be wrong… I still like it, so it stays as my FOC highlight pick! :wink:

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The Darth Maul cover is so much better than the other one that it will likely be way underordered. When a completionist goes looking for these in a few years they will find plenty of Darth Mauls and the other may be a ghost. I’m probably going to order both and then in a few years sell the one that is going for more

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I disagree about dumping the TFAW shadecraft. It’s coming to Netflix. First trailer, then dump. Although I did sell one for $130 which more than covered my other 2 copies.

Still waiting on Skyward though… it was announced years ago just like this one was… like week of release… I say, take the money and run cause the likelihood it ever happens grows less likely every single day that passes… If you got two or more copies, definitely drop them all, maybe keeping one.

Yea I sold my 2nd copy for possibly the highest sale at $175, had it for $199.99 or best offer. I don’t have a reason to hold onto that when people are paying 10 times cover price at release. It’s more likely you will lose out if you hold onto these. It’s an unknown franchise with no certainty anything will ever be made for tv. It’s not like a High Republic scenario where we know without a doubt that there will be shows and movies with these characters because Disney just can’t help themselves. So I am holding onto 30 copies of #1 not counting 2nd 3rd 4th prints, incentives and store exclusives because that will surely be a big pay day down the road. You will make money no matter what you sell Shadecraft for now but you may not maximize profit from holding it. If it does ever get made I will have some #1 cover A, B and Cs to dump

And sadly, I read Shadecraft #1. I was not impressed. Sloppy and rushed writing. At best, it’s gonna be a great tween show on the CW, that’s where it belongs if it does become a show.



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Spec ≠ CW


So sad…

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Cover A 9.8 gone from $302 to $180 a -40% decrease.
Convention Cover 9.8 gone from $711 to $500 a -30% decrease.
While Cover B Variant 9.8 holding near highs.

Makes you wonder why the market hasn’t ‘punished’ that Cover B?

Just an observation (always do your own homework)

I love that there’s a regular release of JTC’s Boba release now!

Also, my impression of Fortnite players: “what’s a website?!”


That’s only because 70% of them are like 8 year olds… :wink:

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It’s because Pre-FOC @agentpoyo always tells people to buy cover A so he can kill cover A spec and then he buys cover B and cashes in! It’s all a big scam!


So @agentpoyo pulling a ComicSpec Three Card Monte on all of us. :moneybag:


That’s not fair to 8 year olds.

Anthony is like a 7 year old.

It’s time Cullen Bunn has a super hot book. He’s with Boom! and the Bone Parish team again. So, I’m looking forward to a great read and 5 reprintings. There are just so many good books this week.

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