Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call April 3rd/4th 2022 📢


Hey, that Krrsantan: Star Wars Tales #1 is a flat out reprint book of his early appearances. Don’t think there are any new pages of story.

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Yes, its in the solicit. Its just a reprint like Star Wars tales that collects prior issues that features Krrsantan.

I figured it was but yeah, when I read the solicitation, I was also thinking some new material but yeah, looks like it’s going to be nothing but reprints from his other appearances.

Yes there will be more Star Wars reprints for specific characters under the Star Wars tales name like the Marvel tales character reprints of the last few years.

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I think it only captures the “relevant” pages of the books…so not the entire books are reprinted. But someone feel free to confirm.

It’s for the fan that doesn’t want to pay $10-$20 per book to get the backstory on BK. And the cool photo cover! Great for actor signatures if you’re into that stuff.


Spider-man 2099 Exodus Alpha 1…anyone buying ?

I’m buying one copy of the A cover as I have a soft spot for the 2099 books. That’s it though.

I’m not going heavy, but I am in on this. I think this has some legs for the expanding the universe of characters at their disposal, and he is already existing, which helps.


i like the gold frame throwback, i’m grabbing a copy for nostalgia

That first one isn’t Billie Miles?

No idea

Pretty sure Blllie would be in her 70s in 2099

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Maybe she time jumps :face_with_raised_eyebrow:It looks like her (from her look minus the Spider-Slayer costume).

It’s the next next miles.


I’m surprised that no one is talking about Elektra BWB 4.

What is there to talk about? Is there a 1st appearance in it?

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Interesting. Thanks.

Somewhat surprised by the solicit for this book. My opinion is that while it would be very very cool, it’s very unlikely the Turtles will pop up. While they may appear as a background prop and while possible (and I hope I’m wrong), it’s most likely the Turtles will not appear in the comic as they are owned by CBS Viacom as Eastman sold the creative rights to the conglomerate. I think if a deal was worked out between Marvel/ Disney and CBS/ Viacom we would have heard about it. Definitely grab a copy or two if interested in the book but I would tread lightly.