Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call January 23rd/24th 2022 📢


I read that Wonder Girl was cancelled after #7. I think they must be using the artwork for Trials of the Amazons that was supposed to be for Wonder Girl #8.

DC is rudderless. They have no direction. Its sad to see them be this bad.

Lunar still has both listed and with same cover too… meh!

I think Wonder Girl was canceled due to constant delays. Just my guess.

I agree that DC has a lack of direction and consistent continuity. I’m obviously a Batman nerd but DAMN even I have to start to toss my hands up in frustration.

Small little grievance, but during Fear State we see Ghost Maker seemingly killed in issue 35 or 36 of Catwoman. Just to Batman 117 or maybe Fear State Omega and we see Ghost Maker taking Clownhunter under his wing to train him…

She’s lying to the police, but could Wight Witch be dead!??? probably not.

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