Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call March 27th/28th 2022 📢


The moon knight sakai is apparently a ratio variant now.
Beware of the unrevealed bachalo cover. His story in the book introduces a new (future) moon knight…


Thanks for the info…

Going to be ALOT of cancellations from Ebay sellers on the Sakai cover…MUWHAHAHA

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Both issues of Land of the Living Gods have been good reads. There is much more backstory and world-building in Issue #2. Definitely going to keep reading it.

Armorclads #1 was just ok. It’s kind of like Starship Troopers, but nothing I’m really excited about.

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Grabbing that Bachalo cover for Moon Knight just to cover myself. Picked up A. Isn’t there a 1:50 Dekal cover as well? Didn’t see that on Villains Variant package page but I thought I had seen that a while ago.

I did the same…odd it still has no cover art but Marvel has been doing that lately with some books. Mcfarlane is terrible about it with his covers for Spawn. Eastman is the same with his TMNT CVR B covers as well. The Dekal MK with the red background is a nice cover…