Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call November 15th 2021 📢

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

It’s a pretty lackluster FOC this week for me. Mostly Marvel titles and even those aren’t really giving me any impressions on big winners on the spec, more along the lines of reader releases.

First up is Captain Marvel #35 which might be a winner. There’s hints at a new character. We’ll see how the market and fans react. When publishers push extra variants and such on issues, sometimes it backfires. Gotta let first new appearances of characters grow organically.

Captain Marvel #35 (Nauck Devils Reign Villain Variant)
Captain Marvel #35 (Dauterman Spoiler Variant)
Captain Marvel #35 (Dauterman Spoiler Design Variant)
Captain Marvel #35 (TBD Artist Spoiler Variant) - Not sure about this, TFAW has it listed but could be a duplicate of the other Spoiler Variant.

Captain Marvel #35

Elektra Black White Blood #1 (of 4) is the first Romita Jr. cover I’ve actually like in quite sometime.

Elektra Black White Blood #1 (of 4)

Timeless #1 has a crap load of variants (Strombreakers). Marvel has a lot of faith in this one. I’ll be picking up the regular cover and then likely waiting for the rest of this series to hit Marvel Unlimited to read (unless of course there’s some potential firsts to flip along the way).

Timeless #1 (Cassara Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Coello Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Carnero Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Cabal Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Bustos Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Silva Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Momoko Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (Gleason Stormbreakers Variant)
Timeless #1 (TBD Artist Miss Minutes Variant)

Timeless #1

Wastelanders Black Widow #1 and Wastelanders Star-Lord #1 could be fun reads, but I’m not expecting much else out of these. But you never know what the future holds. Will keep a watchful eye on these, particularly the Black Widow.

Wastelanders Black Widow #1

Wastelanders Star-Lord #1

Annihilation Omnibus HC Dellotto Cover and it’s variant Annihilation Omnibus HC Di Vito Dm Var is for you hardcore Omnibus fans and readers out there. Best way to get your Omnibus is pre-order to save a few bucks.

Annihilation Omnibus HC Dellotto Cover

Mentioned before but here it is again, Captain America Truth TPB Baker Dm Var (I like this cover best, shown below). There’s also Captain America Truth TPB Quesada Cover.

Captain America Truth TPB Baker Dm Var

Daisy #1 is a new Dark Horse I got on my check out list.

Daisy #1

For you Geiger fans out there, the Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 is on FOC. Lots of variants but keep it to one I say. Unless this actually gets made into a show or movie, even with first appearances within, it won’t ever amount to anything on the first issue will have over it with these smaller publishers properties.

Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 (Cover B - Hitch)
Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 (Cover C - Pelletier)
Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 (Cover D - Levens)
Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 (Cover E - Blank Cover)

Geiger 80-Page Giant #1 (Cover A - Frank)

Whats the Furthest Place From Here #2 is on FOC and it appears TFAW and others have stopped listing the vinyl issue. They do however have Whats the Furthest Place From Here #2 (Deluxe Edition 2nd Pressing) listed now, which seems like it would be a second pressing of #2 vinyl release which I’m sure we can maybe expect allocations for that one as well with shortages going on. I still think Image needs to rethink this strategy on open orders for products they might not be able to fulfill. Just going to get a bunch of disgruntled customers out there who pre-order and then are told by shops they didn’t get it, only leading to the retailers getting all the potential hate. So, if you pre-order this and your shop doesn’t get it or can’t fulfill it, don’t blame them, blame Image!

Whats the Furthest Place From Here #2 (Cover B - Shalvey)

Whats the Furthest Place From Here #2 (Cover A - Boss)

Better go ahead and get your pre-orders in early for Whats the Furthest Place From Here #3 Deluxe Ed 7 Inch Record. It’s not on FOC but might as well put them in early enough in hopes you get one.

I’m really digging these Besch variants for Nyx from Dynamite. Nyx #2 (Cover A - Besch) also has Nyx #2 (Cover I - Besch Ltd Virgin) available.

Nyx #2 (Cover A - Besch)

I love Judge Dredd, particularly the gritty style that comes out of 2000AD/Rebellion. This one is a must for me…

Dreadnoughts Breaking Ground TPB

Dreadnoughts Breaking Ground TPB

It’s a one shot but I’m in… Mother F Goose One Shot #1 just because I love the twisted remakes of our beloved fairy tale stories.

Mother F Goose One Shot #1 (Cover A - Eisma)

I probably wouldn’t even bother with this one myself but I’m thinking twice about it since I love Corona’s art. Batgirls #1 (Cover A - Jorge Corona) has a few variants as well.

Batgirls #1 (Cover B - Inhyuk Lee Batgirls Masked Left Side Connecting Card Stock Variant)
Batgirls #1 (Cover C - Inhyuk Lee Batgirls Unmasked Right Side Connecting Card Stock Variant)
Batgirls #1 (Cover D - Team Yoshitaka Amano Card Stock Variant)
Batgirls #1 (Cover E - 1:25 Rian Gonzales Card Stock Variant)
Batgirls #1 (Cover F - 1:50 Dan Hipp Card Stock Variant)

Batgirls #1 (Cover A - Jorge Corona)

Joker #10 (Cover B - Francesco Francavilla Variant) only because I love me some Francavilla. There’s also the Joker #10 (Cover D - 1:25 James Stokoe Variant) which is a must as well for any Stokoe fan.

Joker #10 (Cover B - Francesco Francavilla Variant)

Jock does Batman well. I think it’s what made him who he is among all the other comic book artists out there. Batman One Dark Knight #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Jock) is a definite pickup since the Batman one off mini series and titles are better than the main ongoing title for me.

Batman One Dark Knight #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Jock)


Timeless has a variant cover with Miss Minutes. Could heat up next year with season 2 of Loki. KCC will call it “first cover appearance of Miss Minutes” and the price will go up.

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It’s sad that people rush out to buy issues because of KCC key alerts… driving up the price in the process to watch them fall flat most of the time shortly after.

I honestly wouldn’t count on getting any of the Deluxe printings for WTFPFH unless it’s a 2nd print. The first printings are going to all be limited, and they’re likely going to be 1-2 per account at Diamond because of allocations. Same situation as with White, and we’re probably not even going to list things for order that have pre-marketed total edition sizes but still go on FOC in the future.

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I believe Timeless is a one-shot that previews future storylines

I guess this is the other Banner we are getting in hulk? Yawn

At first I thought it was a one-shot but then I swore I read it was a mini-series… :thinking:

Shouldn’t even list them as pre-order then… just setting up yourself with future migraine headaches…

It’s a one-shot.

I’m losing my mind then… haha…

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when is tfaw listing its exclusive?

I’m gonna slip @Brendon a $20 so he only tells me so they’re all mine… :wink:

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Who’s this?

Miles “velociraptor toe-claw” Panther.

EDIT: to be clear, I have no idea, but that’s what the picture looks like

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Those feet are huge

Spider-man 2099…


Kcc saying miss minutes is in the guts.

only on cover from what i was told, kcc is a joke

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Captain Marvel #35 Dauterman Spoiler variants


The 1:200 should be the virgin version of the 2nd cover. She looks cool though.

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