Poyo's FOC Quickie Picks for November 20th/21st

Haven’t had time (traveling for work for past week) to think about FOC picks for this week so here’s the quickie list I got going for this weekend for November 20th/21st:

Scarlet Witch #1 (Tao Variant) - Sweet cover! Definitely a nomination for cover of year?

Spider-Man #4 (Cassaday Classic Homage Variant) - I love this classic homage variant. The all black is gonna be hard to come by in minty fresh condition.

Avengers #64 - Might be a good pickup, the solicitations mention Tony Stark’s greatest foe, his own father, the Iron Inquisitor.

It’s not a comic but for fans of Horizon, there is: Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy PVC Statue which is pretty cool to display on your desk or display cabinet.

Art Brut #1 (of 4) (Cover C - Eckman-Lawn) is a pretty creepy cover, I’m digging this one.

Ice Cream Man #33 (Cover B - Limon) is another cool cover. I love it!

Afro Samurai GN Vol 01 Directors Cut - For anyone that missed the first round. There’s also the Afro Samurai GN Vol 01 Previews Exclusive Ed Co-Pic Foil Logo edition…

Ninja Funk #2 (of 4) (Cover D - Nakayama) - Love the negative white space used for this one. Could be a winner for the cover alone!

Batman Superman Worlds Finest #10 (Cover A - Dan Mora) - Love this Dan Mora Joker cover.

Nightwing #99 (Cover A - Bruno Redondo) is another great negative space variant. Good luck with that all black cover getting in 9.8+ condition.

That’s all I got this week of the books that stand out the most to me. Tell us your picks here!


Defenetly picking up Afro Samurai

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If anyone is still looking for the Previews Exclusive of Afro Samurai, @DarkDominionComics still has them available for pre-order. And cheaper then TFAW. Just an FYI.