Poyo's Spec and Picks for May 23rd/24th, 2023




Poyo: I don’t like Todd McFarlane. His art has too many lines in it.

Also Poyo: I like the Guardians 2nd print cover.


Nothing really good out this week.

I said in some other thread this week is DEAD. Then, next week is a usually-barren fifth week and has some interesting stuff.

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Just a City Boy,
Born and raised in south Detroit.
He took the midnight train going anywhere…

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Going with Hallows Eve Scottie Young, Ext Venom A cover. And that’s about it.

Good to have a light week here and there.

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Not too many lines, his art is noisy to cover up drawing mistakes. Other critics have pointed this out as well. FFS, he added a 3rd hand on Batman once and people love it… haha!

My other problem is, people are bias for some odd reason when it comes to McFarlane. It’s like he does no wrong when he does something wrong but gets a pass all too often.

If another artist drew a 3rd hand on Batman… they would be crucified for it…

I do like it, it’s different and it’s not McFarlane’s art and nothing like it.

His job was to make cool covers that lead to comic book sales. He did that with Batman 423’s 3 printings and countless homages to it. He stated in interviews that he never gave a second thought to the anatomy on that cover, just wanted to make the cape look big and flowy.

McFarlane may just be the most homaged MODERN comic book artist out there. He clearly did something right and continues to do so.

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That response is exactly what I expected when describing “bias”… haha…

Liefeld gets shit on daily cause he can’t draw feet yet when an artist accidentally draws in an extra hand… it’s okay, he’s Mother Effing McFarlane… :roll_eyes:

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I’ve actually sang my praises for Liefeld because of what he does for the comic community. You can tell that he truly loves the medium and I’m willing to bet he’s going to be drawing comics on his death bed.

And I didn’t say otherwise. I stated that in general he gets shit on… anyways…

I don’t like Liefeld much as an artist or person for reasons that would take too long to go into.

I’ll forever say McFarlane is a great artist and a horrible writer.

Now that I’ve got going, John Bryne is apparently a great artist and huge jerk to everyone, generally unpleasant and such.

Greg Land is a total hack (not really a hot take, though).

David Mack doesn’t get enough credit as a good artist and really nice guy.

Kyle Starks is a skilled artist and writer who deserves more fame.

Does anyone need any more hot takes from me on creators?

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John Bryne is a great guy, definitely worth catching if doing a speaking session. May not be great to talk to at a booth but he was awesome with everyone after the session.

I’ve only ever seen horror stories of him being mean and rude to everyone, but that’s just what I’ve observed.

Byrne has a serious attitude.
I’ve met him multiple times and if you’re not getting that vibe immediately, then you’re just not paying attention.

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Byrne is a terrific artist and one of the most influential creators ever, but you can get a sense of what he’s like based on his many forum rules. I think “persnickety” is a fair word.

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Claremont is the same way, both of those guys are extremely jaded.

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Met claremont a few years ago, very chatty, very opinionated, good conversation from him and i asked for a doodle…he spent 30mins drawing an A4 picture, and he went to town in it…we chatted all the time he did it…he seemed great to me…

Half the people who have met Claremont said he was lovely whom I’ve talked with/seen thoughts written of. The other half said he was awful. When Neal Adams was alive I saw the same weird 50/50 split. I had the chance to meet Adams twice at two different shows and found him delightful both times, however. I can’t speak on Claremont, personally.