Poyo's Spec & Drek for June 23rd, 2021

That’s true, nobody actually reads Spawn anymore I think… because it’s that terrible. :wink:

I figured it still had to be better than him writing it. However, most of the people who buy it don’t even read it.

I’m out. Not a fan of cat gore.

Even the narrative in that preview you shared… “Before anyone can move, Cog’s pet attempts to defend its master”… ughh… the reading is TURRIBLE!

Yeah, that narration is implied and it would read better if it were just nonexistent.

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Could they not come up with a better name than Spawn’s Universe. Lazy.

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That’s how I read most of his narrative bubbles… if they removed them, it would actually be a better read probably.

Spawns Universe #1 is basically Spawn #300 v. 2.0

Prices for the marvel voices Somnus cvr are all over the place the last couple days.

Todd is a good artist, but his writing… well thats another matter. Ya’ll hear about the supposed script from 2017 for his Spawn movie that’s never getting made?

No studio wants to touch it because Todd wants all the creative control over all of it… that alone means it’s going to be a massive and colossal failure if he’s calling ALL the shots on everything.

I liked alot of his earlier art on Amazing Spider-Man growing up but it’s received equal criticism as well. He likes to draw with a lot of noise (that’s what most call it) to hide his mistakes and such. You can find them if you look closer… but yes, stick to drawing Todd, not writing.

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“We’ve known for a while that McFarlane’s tactic to keep the budget low is to [treat Spawn as an ethereal, supernatural figure that mostly acts off the screen. But what works for the shark in Jaws doesn’t work for Spawn, with the iconic hero being depicted as wind, bugs, rats and mysterious shadows. In a real head-scratching development, his first appearance in the movie is apparently as some kind of possessed bed. All in all, the hellbound antihero would only be on screen for a maximum of 15 minutes, which is sure to disappoint fans.”

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15 minutes of airtime total for the character it’s named after? That sounds awful. Could you imagine going to see a Captain America movie and you only see Steve Rogers 15 minutes total out of the 2-3 hour long movie? Geez…

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Supposedly Todd wants a low budget of like $10 million. Now its possible to make a great movie with a low budget but I don’t think Todd is capable of that. Ex machina for example had a $15 million budget.

Never going to happen with Spawn.

I love my cats but sometimes want to violently murder them. Like at 5AM when they won’t stop scratching the bed because they want to be fed AGAIN even though I fed them right before bed.

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I wish mine scratched…they scream at me.

We have an elderly cat named Leo. He is skinny and we have basically been pumping him full of wet food. Every night he complained about wanting more food. He wasn’t gaining weight, though. I was super worried about him, until I realized our monstrous dog, Odin was just jumping up and eating his pâté every night. :man_facepalming:


I like other people’s cats but I’ll never have another cat again, ever!

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