Poyo's Spec & Drek for June 23rd, 2021

Welcome to this weeks spec and drek. This is where we pick the winners each week we (or shall I say myself) think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover. I also dive into the pesky drek, the book you should probably avoid if you can or perhaps not invest so heavily into.

Marvel Picks

Gamma Flight #1 (of 5). Spinning out of Immortal Hulk comes Gamma Flight by Al Ewing. Let’s see if he can bring the same success he did to Immortal Hulk to this series. Worthy of a check out I say.

Gamma Flight #1 (of 5)

It’s Pride Month so celebrate by picking up Marvels Voices Pride #1.

Marvels Voices Pride #1

Anything can happen in War of the Bounty Hunters so Star Wars Darth Vader #13 War of the Bounty Hunters is a must pickup. This new Vader volume has been fabulous despite the potential coming out of any or all the WOTBH tie-ins.

Star Wars Darth Vader #13 War of the Bounty Hunters

W.E.B. of Spider-Man #2 is already seeing love on the secondary market. Maybe most are anticipating some more firsts or something after the success of W.E.B. of Spider-Man #1 (which seems to be settling down currently on value for the regular cover).

Don’t forget to pre-order a copy of W.E.B. of Spider-Man #1 (of 5) (2nd Ptg Gurihiru Variant) if you missed out on the first printing.

DC Picks

Batman Reptilian #1 (of 6) is a book I’m hoping is a great read but then again, Garth Ennis rarely disappoints. This is a must for any Batman fan and Ennis fan. I really dig this regular cover as well.

Batman Reptilian #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Liam Sharp Card Stock)

Checkmate #1 (of 6) is a new book that is apparently introducing a new character, Daemon Rose. I’m not a big Bendis fan but still worthy of a pick up I think just for the potential. We can’t deny that Bendis certainly shares his fair share of some of the hottest new characters in the past decade which most could name off the top of their heads with Miles Morales and Naomi.

It also appears that this new character Daemon Rose gets a first cover in Checkmate #2 (of 6), which isn’t out yet obviously but available via pre-order.

Checkmate #1 (of 6)

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Black Hammer Reborn #1 is a must for any Black Hammer fan. There’s a pretty cool homage variant B as well.

Black Hammer Reborn #1

I read it. I liked it. It’s weird but in a good way. I really like these types of stories and plots. If you liked Plastic, you’ll like this one as well which is Vinyl #1 (of 6)

Vinyl #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Hillyard & Stewart)

Bitter Root #14 Variant B celebrates Juneteenth which is actually today after they passed it as a new federal holiday (long overdue if you ask me). Already seeing pre-sales hitting the $15 mark. So probably not a bad pickup if you see them (if you hadn’t already pre-ordered a copy).

What seems like years in the making comes the 2nd print of Electric Black #1. I think it took them 2 years before doing this 2nd printing. Geez Scout, if you waited any longer I’d already be in retirement with grand children.

Electric Black #1 2nd Ptg

I have yet to see the covers for Great Gatsby #1 and TFAW has Cover C and the Great Gatsby #1 (Cover B - Blank Sketch Cover) available. Midtown only lists Cover A but sold out. For fans of the classic novel.

MFKZ #1 is finally out. Seems like forever ago I mentioned this one in my Previews Highlights. Definite checkout as some of the covers are just awesome.

MFKZ #1 (Cover B - Street Cred)
MFKZ #1 (Vinz Diesel Variant)

MFKZ #1 (Cover A)

For all you SIKTC & Glow-in-the-Dark cover fans comes Something Is Killing the Children #17 (Cover B Glow in the Dark - Yildirim).

Something Is Killing the Children #17 (Cover B Glow in the Dark - Yildirim)

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artists worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

The book(s) to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at inflated prices, whether it’s false demand, pump and dump or out of FOMO.

Liefeld is just making this all too easy this month… X-Men Legends #4 (Liefeld Deadpool 30th Variant). Seriously, what is up with Deadpools right arm and hand? That bicep looks awfully big (like that’s the shape if he was bending and flexing his arm, not stretching out) with that elbow. The hand looks geez, did the graphic artist accidentally use the smear tool to make it all stretched out or did Liefeld actually draw it like that?

X-Men Legends #4 (Liefeld Deadpool 30th Variant)

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Great Gatsby covers


Awesome, I didn’t even ponder in checking the actual publishers website. Hahaa…

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For Checkmate #2, isn’t cover A green arrow and cover B Lois Lane? I’m confused as tfaw has 3 pictures up. Trying to get glimpse of Daemon Rose.

Oh, you could be right. I glanced quickly at that red cover and figured it was the new guy… but could be wrong. I don’t think that’s Green Arrow though… :thinking:

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And yes, Cover B as Lois makes sense as apparently this new Daemon Rose is hunting her…

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Last page of checkmate #1. Just a cameo.


There is a glare over the face in the last panel.

Best I can do. Somebody sent it to me. At least we can see that it’s a cameo.

Get that you dont like Liefeld - but his work continually showing up on the drek list just for that reason is a bit boring.

Hah… Well, two weeks in a row but nothing else much stood out and if I skip a drek pick @D-Rog starts to complain too… I just cant ever win!


How about for weeks you don’t have a drek we do a forum poll for our collective drek pick? :thinking:


Maybe, should we do a poll to see how many are interested? :wink:


Bet that poll will go hard for Liefeld if he’s a choice that week. :laughing:


I suppose liefeld is like auto-drek. Shooting fish in a barrel.

And I keep saying if we ignore him he ceases to exist…even negative attention is attention thus keeping him “relevant.”

The best liefeld insult is to completely ignore him.

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ratios are up at MyComicShop.

Spawn Universe #1 1:50 - $58 - pass, there are tons of these
Silk #4 1:25 - $50 - pass. average “ok” cover. same as Ebay prices
Marvels Voices Pride #1 1:25 - $40 - pass - prices will drop on ebay
Something Is Killing The Children #17 1:25 - $30 - pass - plenty out there for the same price on Ebay. this will drop in price

I’d pass on all Spawns Universe. I tried reading it but McFarlane’s narrative bubbles are horrendous… it’s like a 10 year old wrote this book… I got through 10 pages before I was like… nope, nope… NOPE!

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I disagree, ignoring things just makes some squander off alone to one day act brash and aggressive.

Their prices seem so arbitrary. They might want to leave the spec to people who know something.


Will the terrible writing matter down the road for spec if we’re buying because of the new characters? As long as an actual writer picks them up, who cares.