Poyo's Spec, Picks and Drek for October 12th, 2022


And yes, you read that right… the Drek is back this week! :wink:


Hitomi looks good. I wonder if the art is any good?

I like the style…


Didn’t like those covers, eh?

Nope. The Venom would be better with less tongue. I’ll give credit where credit is due, McFarlane’s Venom is the best when it comes to the anatomy of his tongue. Artists are just getting a little too crazy nowadays…

And that JRJr ASM… It’s not terrible but looks like one of those odd paintings in the weird section of the museum. I have no idea what that thing is behind his head… looks like an arm with hand but so out of place.

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At first glance I thought it was a hoof.

drek is back, awesome

Love to hate the Drek!

The drek is back!