Poyo's Spec & Picks for 420, 2022 🚬


High Republic 2nd print sold out at Midtown now.

Hulk 6 spoiler variant (the only book in interested in this week) now limit 1.


“Punisher #1 (2nd Ptg Maleev Variant) is also another cool 2nd printing for Punisher by Maleev. Such a great artist. But give that man some guns for crying out loud, The Punisher uses guns, not swords!”

I dunno, Issue #1 sold me on this new direction. One thing I found neat was reading/looking at the gun fight panels in issue #1. Just looking at the Punisher grimacing and gritting his teeth as he mows down his enemies, it’s clear he’s at war. You see it, you feel it. But him wielding a blade feels different. He’s grimacing in just one panel. In all others, you see his cool calculation. It’s like he’s no longer in battle… this feels religious. It’s no longer carnage. It’s sacrament. And why not pay tithings of blood to The Beast…especially when The Beast has been so generous to Frank Castle.

Dude, I’m sold on this run.

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And just as a reminder… we still have copies of both SWHR 15 2nd print and Hulk 6 Shaw Spoiler variant.

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High Republic 15 2nd print is still in stock at Midtown…


I haven’t read Punisher yet but I just want guns on the cover… that’s what I was implying. :wink:

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Then… Welcome to the Gunshow!


I myself love 4/20 as it’s National cold brew coffee day!

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Art, as we all know, is firmly in the eye of the beholder. Having said that, I can’t remember a worse run of Avengers A covers. Sure, the Liefeld 90s stuff was something, but yikes.

Still showing out of stock to me…

Has anyone seen the marvel books this week? Wondering if the paper quality problems continue.

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What’s the attraction for High Republic 15?

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I love how some people have no idea what is going on with SW HR #15 (2nd Ptgs) !!

Last Wednesday I went to my LCS and was like, ‘I FOC’d 7 copies of SW HR #15…, can I up my order to 12 copies?’

They responded … ‘If I have enough copies, sure…, yeah… we ordered enough…’

Word got out finally. LOL.

Hopefully my LCS fulfills my order, cause It wasn’t the last damned minute I asked them… :slight_smile:

I was calling it back on March 11…

Depends on what books you want to spec on?>

SW HR #1 2nd print- 1st cover app
SW HR #15 2nd print- 1st cover app
Both have him on the cover…take your pick…

SW #20 1st app
SW #20 2nd print- 1st full app
SW #20 1:25 1st full app, is probably the best spec book to have…

I got a few of all 3> SW HR #1 2nd print, copy of SW #20 1:25 ratio, SW HR #15 2nd print…

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Is that a typo, or did the appearance get “fuller” from 1st to 2nd print?


How can you have 2 1st cover apps?


Still wondering this myself. @CRUZZER or anyone still haven’t said why to buy.

SWTHR #1 2nd print has 1st cover appearances

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Because I actually read Star Wars… and not buy just because it is the cool thing to do because everyone else does… :slight_smile:

1st cover appearance of a Leveler … While this is debatable since SW HR Eye of the Storm #2 came out same day, EOS #2 was more of background story.

It’s the final issues of the Star Wars High Republic Phase 1. This gives a plot so when you start Phase 2, you know the background of the events of what left off.

Had Trail of Shadows #5 gone to 2nd print that would have been my spec. as well. A lot of those are still left on the shelves at the stores I’m going too. I think the cover art for Trail of Shadows turned off a lot of people…

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