Poyo's Spec & Picks for February 9th, 2022

I think $3.99 is comical. I remember paying $.35 a comic. So $3.99 is a lot. McFarlane keeps it at $2.99 for the fan. Marvel is about pillaging the consumer.

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Dude this isnt 1982. Id rather the creators not be paid a slave wage like they were back then.

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Artists are always “starving” though… They’re not suppose to make real money from their work until after they die… :stuck_out_tongue:

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…or until they have to sue Robert Kirkman to give them the royalties they are owed.

Comics we’re priced per pricing power in the 80’s. Inflationary gains have eroded consumer budgets since the 80’s and driven up costs. This industry at some point will suffer as you can’t keep charging higher prices and continue the mass appeal of comics. This has happened in other industries where you price out a larger section of consumers and the hobby becomes focused on smaller sections of consumers that can afford it. Not healthy for anyone involved. With inflation running at 8% let’s see how consumers respond to hobbies and collectibles ie comics. Something will give - that’s a fact.


And it doesn’t help that inflation (and cost of living) is increasing much faster than wages are being updated and applied to the new cost of living standards.