Poyo's Spec & Picks for February 9th, 2022

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I would also add, don’t sleep on I Am Batman #6.

I’ll be tje first to tell you that I HATED John Ridley’s Future State: The Next Batman BUT this issue sees Jace Fox moving to New York which means a new arc and characters.

Ridley really perplexes me because from what I hear his Black Panther run is good so far. His story in :man_superhero: Red & Blue was amazing. The Next Batman was trash.

I may start picking up Black Panther. I agree his Future State Batman was unreadable.

Am I missing something? Since when is a DC comic $7.99? I know #1 issues usually get a higher cover price, but Batman Urban Legends 12? I’m def. missing something…

I remember when everyone was complaining about Marvel’s cover price being $3.99 but you also got a digital copy if you wanted with it. Everyone was touting how DC was great still being at $2.99. Now it seems like most if not all DC titles are $4.99 or more most issues… it’s just getting ridiculous…

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Yep - remember DC’s slogan? Holding the line at… well now it’s $7.99! Bummer because I was into that variant… I bet it’s hugely underordered at that price point. Midtown only has 2 in stock (unless they’re limiting to 2 per person without saying so).

Urban Legends is $7.99 because each issue a big, square bound anthology book. I don’t buy the series, but that’s why.

DC made their flagship titles $4.99 because they each come with a backup story in addition to a full length comic. +$1 if you get variant that has a cardstock cover.

Joker books are all $5.99 because each issue regardless of variant or not is a cardstock cover and has a backup story.

All of that bring said, Marvel AND DC are price gouging us. If Image and their respective individual companies (Mad Ghost, Top Cow, McFarlane, etc) can keep books at $2.99 there is no reason that Marvel and DC can’t too.

Hell, even McFarlane Toys keeps their 7" action figures at 19.99 where has Ha$bro jumps from $19.99 to $22.99 and now $24.99. Gotta keep the hedge funds happy I guess.

Ha$bro also gets their nuts sucked on for any HasLab project they announce BUT GOD FORBID that McFarlane does a Kickstarter figure, he has to be demonized for it. McFarlane gets lambasted for “too much paper use” on a new #1 Spawn issue, but Marvel relaunches titles left and right and no one says a word.

For the animal collectors, first Eagly added to KCC late. Is that even true? I thought it first appeared somewhere already (maybe on a cover?)

Most image books are now $3.99 or more… Spawn is the exception I think (Saga too, since that series easily prints 40k+ per month) but Todd doesn’t need that extra money since he’s worth 300+ million currently…

Ya the only Image books that are $2.99 are Spawn titles and Saga. I guess McFarlane is rich enough to not care, and Saga sells a million copies of the TPBs so the floppy price doesnt really matter. Most Marvel books are $3.99 outside of #1s and event books.

Ive dropped most DC titles. Most of them are charging an extra dollar for a story I dont want, or are $8 anthologies or oversize books.


What comic has the first Eagley?

Strange Love, per KCC

How much money does Disney have?

Doesn’t matter, we’re comparing completely different levels of costs. Where Disney+ has shareholders, employees and more people involved in the comic side of business, McFarlane producing Spawn has probably a team of just 3-5 people tops to produce the comic.

I would love to play the comparison game but comparing McFarlane’s money to how Disney operates when it comes to comics is or would be unfair comparison.

And I said Todd doesn’t need that extra money as he’s likely not even paying himself from the comic, instead paying the team out instead to keep the $2.99 price point.

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I’m not trying to argue. Apologies.

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Yep gotta keep the shareholders happy. I dont think $3.99 is an unreasonable price for a comic. I just have issue with DC because they give me backups I dont want or 1 story out of 4 in an anthology.

If the backup story is also 20-25 pages long itself, then I can say the double in cover price is justified…

Really. I see he is on one of the covers to Joker Puzzlebox #6. Clams on eBay that it is e first cover of Eagly.

Yep, I knew it was on something else somewhere. It’s DC spec anyways. Take with a bag of salt.