Poyo's Spec & Picks for January 19th, 2022


Some nice releases this week. Thankfully have everything I want preordered already cause I think a handful of these won’t be around by the time I get to my LCS. Most excited for that Moon Knight Rahzzah variant. Looks badass. Should have got more than one but I haven’t found that level of confidence that some of you have yet.


I need that Moon Knight variant simply for my own collection. So snazzy.

I tried to pre-order through my LCS but didn’t give me the option (through their system they use)….forgot about it…figured I’d find it on release day because I’ve seen several issue 6’s lingering…then I saw this article and realized it might be a little harder to come across.

I did find a shop online that had one copy left. Also found another with one copy of Strange academy 15A as well. Have to pay shipping, but at least I don’t need to stress if I can’t find any on Wednesday.


Cursed Pirate Girl Devils Cave #1 1:10 variant

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