Poyo's Spec & Picks for January 26th, 2022


That new issue of Thor is really boiling hot before it even hits the stands.

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Yeah, lots of listings too. I think the eBay search brought up over 500+ or something… so will be interesting to see what happens after Wednesday. I’m sure most of these pre-sales are shops who will claim “shorted” or whatever…


Given the cover art of the issue 20 2nd print 1:25, issue 21 is pretty much dead spec, IMO.

Expect a lot more listings come Tuesday night and Wednesday….expect significant undercutting.

I’ll be watching closely, but I think this week is high risk. With marvel getting smart and releasing first covers on 1:25 2nd prints, even ASM 87 and BP3 are risky. I’d rather wait and try for that 1:25.

I did well with Thor 20 as prices held up for several days until the 1:25 art was released. SA15a and MK7b dropped quick.

SA 15 still sells at $20 shipped. Hulk 3a is around $19 shipped. MK7 is $15 shipped. Venom 4c also $15 shipped.

I expect this weeks books to not do as well. Tread carefully on Wednesday!


Thor 21 God of Hammers merges with Mangog allegedly Economies in comics showed page.

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Load up on those Thor #154… or sell’em if you’re hold’em them! :wink:

“Mangog, it seems, has become about more than just one wronged race. He is the judgement for those who cannot be judged by man. The Mangog is the ultimate judgement of all the gods.” —Malekith the Accursed[src]

Nothing all that exciting for me this week which is fine after a good week last week. Thor the only book I’m after.

I still argue that #20 cover A is first cover as well, negating any real importance of that 2nd print 1:25.
To me, it’s God of Hammers (arm/hand) reaching out to Thor on that cover.

It has always been this way. Spec sites/youtube influencers pump up books causing FOMO and mass hysteria among the general population. They go out and gobble up copies on eBay fearing they won’t get a copy come Wednesday, paying inflated prices.

Come Wednesday when speculators get their grubby hands on the week’s hot books they flood the market and undercut each other. Prices subsequently go down with more supply.

The bigger problem to me is the actual comic shops withholding copies from their customers to sell on eBay. I spend quite a bit of money on my local LCSs, however I’m hearing the words “shorted”, “allocated”, and "damages"more often in the last few months than I have ever heard in my entire lifetime collecting comics.

I never want to see brick and mortar comic shops to close down but I’m really turned off by the whole comic store experience. I’ve already set up an online account which I should’ve done a long long time ago. That’s where I’ll be doing 99% of my business.


LOL…this character spec is gonna fall flat FAST

bp3 ratio is selling for like 130 on ebay already

BP3 could be a real book if that character goes anywhere. Not a heavily ordered book.

2 copies were on ebay this morning. 1 sold. presales

supply < demand…before release. We’ll see how the price holds on release day and after…

Was going to buy some Thursday morning at Midtown. Hesitated. Kicking myself now…

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Saga 55 I’m ready for BKVs wild ride again

@agentpoyo Have you heard any additional speculation about the Duel book? Jim Comics was thinking in his latest video it may have film maker connections.



I’ve heard nothing. I just like the idea and concept from the solicitation.

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