Poyo's Spec & Picks for January 5th, 2022

Welcome to this weeks spec. This is where we pick the winners each week we (or shall I say myself) think will be spec worthy, a great read or just cool looking art on the cover.

The CHU Member Choice Nominations to get all you people to nominate your favorites for 2021 on the forums and I’m going to extend this another week. So if you haven’t done so already, go nominate creators and such so we can compile the top lists to vote and see who ends up as the best of the best for 2021!

Marvel Picks

Black Widow #13 gives us another pretty kick ass Hughes regular cover. This series has generated some buzz too with new characters getting introduced. Overall a great title I think to pick up if you aren’t already.

Black Widow #13

Captain Marvel #35 is already selling out at some online retailers. They’re claiming explosive issue that changes the mythos for Captain Marvel. Might be a worthy pickup if you didn’t plan on picking it up.

Darkhold Omega #1 is a book to keep a watchful eye on. Even if it doesn’t heat up or end up as a decent read, I really like the regular Bennett cover art.

Doctor Aphra #17 has a pretty kick ass Forbes variant. It’s worth the pickup for that alone but honestly, you should be picking up this Star Wars title already. But this Forbes variant has already made the top list of best covers for 2022 for me!

Thor #20 brings forth the God of Hammers, which should not be a surprise to anyone who’s up to date on spec. So it’s a “Worthy” pickup I say!

DC Picks

Joker Presents a Puzzlebox #6 (of 7) cover by Chip Zdarsky is just awesome. Picking this one up for the cover alone.

Joker Presents a Puzzlebox #6 (of 7) (Cover A - Chip Zdarsky)

I also like the Miguel Mendonca Card Stock Variant as well for Joker Puzzlebox. Just great looking Joker artwork in classic Joker style.

Joker Presents a Puzzlebox #6 (of 7) (Cover B - Miguel Mendonca Card Stock Variant)

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #4 (of 6) Yanick Paquette Card Stock Variant is just a awesome cover for me. Love it!

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #4 (of 6) (Cover B - Yanick Paquette Card Stock Variant)

Arkham City the Order of the World #4 (of 6) has been a great read for me. It makes the list for that reason and I’m really digging the regular covers as well.

Arkham City the Order of the World #4 (of 6) (Cover A - Sam Wolfe Connelly)

Indie and Small Publisher Picks

Apache Delivery Service #1 from Dark Horse Comics has long been on my picks list since Previews. Already sold out at TFAW, Midtown and many others from a quick skim.

Monkey Meat #1 (of 5) is another book on my hit list. Love the style, got an advanced review copy but have yet to review it yet. Hopefully find time but I still ordered me a physical copy for the gut feeling it should be in the collection.

Monkey Meat #1 (of 5)

Bylines in Blood #1 might be a decent read, if done right. I’m gonna check it out myself.

Bylines in Blood #1 (Cover A - Aneke)

Fourth Man #1 sounds like some good fun.

The Rahzzah Variant is also pretty bad ass.

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Spoilers for Captain Marvel 35 Binary is introduced as a character separate from Carol

My plans for the week:

Already picked up Apache Delivery Service. My LCS put it on the shelf last week. It’s fantastic. Story grabbed me and the art is A+. I grabbed the variant cover snd an extra copy of the A cover. I think this could have some legs.

Already preordered Thor 20 from TFAW. Not sure I need another copy but might grab it when I go by my LCS.

I hope I can find Fourth Man. That sounds fun.

Darkhold Omega. Duh.

Haven’t been paying attention to Black Widow. Read about the Living Blade so I’m gonna try and pick up 12 and 13.

Preorder already in for Monkey Meat. Sounds fun. Art looks cool. Was a must have for me.

Preordered Doctor Aphra a few weeks ago. Just a spec add. Probably will be nothing but had a feeling I was gonna miss out if I didn’t.

Preordered Spawn 325. Bjorn Barends cover. Nuff said.

Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog 3. Jason Shawn Alexander’s Saturday Evening Post inspired covers are awesome. I want them all. Story is kickass too.

No mention of X-men 6? Captain Krakoa cover and first appearance? I’m in for a couple of those.

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If it wasn’t Cyclops, probably be more worthy of spec or potential but title/costume changes very rarely take off.

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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a fairly significant, word of mouth, hot before it hits the stands, hot after FOC, barn burner that seems to be the case with Thor.

I’ll be interested to see reports on how many aren’t shipped, pulls not filled, shipments were damaged, allocated, etc, etc.


It’ll be interesting to see the spoilers from Anthony tonight…

cameo vs full appearance

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I feel like I’ve seen, “Apache Delivery Service,” on shelves at my shops too. Odd.

It’s a first appearance… :wink:


It’s a cameo. All we really get is the last page

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Good thing thor has been all filler material after #6, causing the numbers to drop



Concur. Unless a lower printed variant has a cover appearance, who the F cares?

Although it’s interesting that FOC for 21 has past…

Good thing I bought in on #21 on FOC :grin:

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TFAW still had #21 available for a short period last week when the word on #20 hit. Limit of three, but I figured it was worth the buy in for a few more. I’m ok if it amounts to nothing.

CBR has a preview of Thor 20 - there is a death (SPOILER !!).

Still think its spec-worthy ???

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Death doesn’t negate a 1st app. Unless the death is the same character that just appeared.


So spec-worthy ?

An above average number of X-Men #164 sold, after the those Binary covers were shown recently.

A last page one, referred to as a ‘cameo’ in traditional comic collecting terms. :wink: