Poyo's Spec & Picks for July 20th, 2022

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Also Grim 1 4th print. No idea if this will go bonkers like the 2nd and 3rd prints did, but I can’t imagine many shops going heavy on a 4th print. At worst, Grim 3 also hits on Weds, and hopefully it continues what’s been a really strong first two issues.

“Blink,” looks good. I’m worried about Oni as a publisher after all the news about layoffs.

The first issue of, “Black Adam,” was great. I’m excited for the next one.

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I grabbed 10 of the grim 1 4th print. I like how it looks.

Aren’t you put off by Priest’s disjointed storytelling? I can’t follow his stuff the first time through, usually. The transitions to the next narrative is confusing most times.

Waiting on the 2nd print for avengers 58.

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It isn’t off-putting to me so much as I have to adjust my brain to be ready for a slightly different storytelling style. I do that when I read his, “Deathstroke,” or, Vampirella," or such. One of my favorite comics of all time is, “The Filth,” by Grant Morrison and they give us a super weird, disjointed, and wild yarn. I like when a story throws me off a bit and isn’t just straightforward, which probably explains why I like weird movies such as, “Swordfish,” or, “Inception.”

Inception is great but is difficult to follow at first. However, it’s worth multiple viewings. Let’s hope Priest’s story is worth it.

Why? 58 isn’t even his first appearance or cover, so what value could the 2nd print even have? Even the first print is just his first full/storyline.

There’s another cover? I guess I’m not paying close enough attention.

On the right side

I didn’t see him in the guts of 57. 58’s cover is better too

Ok, now I see him…

My shop had practically nothing this week on the shelf at opening.

1 copy of Grim 3 (and it wasn’t the one per store). Not a single Black Adam #2 (despite having sold 6-7 shelf copies of #1 last month). No variant B cover of Catwoman 45. No Vader 25 variants…only one shelf copy of A.

Walked away empty handed.

I think they’ve really cut back on shelf copies lately. A lot of popular books they get alone A cover and that’s it now.

I asked for 2 Dark Spaces Wildfire Blank (CVR E), and they gave me Cover C and Cover A.


I don’t want it.

I want a Blank.
I think this one has Hollywood written all over it.