Pre-Order Live: McFarlane Toys 7” Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne)

$19.99, releases April 2021. BBTS

Target exclusive unmasked:

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Masked one must have been timed exclusive. I got one from Target but the box is pretty messed up. Thanks to their generous return window I just happily ordered a collector grade replacement from BBTS!

You see, that’s the one and only thing I like about toy pre-orders. At least they give you a chance to cancel.

In comics its “the art was solicited as a masterwork by Alex Ross, but it’s actually going to be MSPaint work from our editor’s daughter. You can’t cancel it, and we’re not even going to tell you about it. In fact, we’re just typing this out of catharsis. We aren’t even going to send this. Deleting now…”

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And after all that Diamond will forget to include it in their shipment to the store.

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Diamond had a good old-fashioned gravy train going there for a couple years! Decades I think. Now Marvel’s going to turn the screws to them, they may have to actually compete.

This is what happens when you control a monopoly and get too cozy, ignoring all your customers input on how to improve your services… Diamond’s woes can be blamed entirely on themselves. They can’t blame Covid, they can’t blame economy, they can’t blame anyone… but… themselves for losing business!