Pre-order question

Wondering if anyone else has had this happen before.

Preordered a Marvel book from TFAW prior to FOC and ordered multiple copies. Post FOC they added a 1 per limit (which happens post FOC often as only so much to go around).

Now I’m being told I won’t get the extra copies I ordered prior to FOC as Marvel/Diamond has allocated all the books they send them. Doesn’t make sense to me as I ordered prior to FOC (over a month prior to FOC actually).

Anyone have this happen before? Not getting the amount on a preorder prior to FOC from TFAW?

I’ve heard of some shops cancelling preorders when books get hot. This isn’t the case here. The book actually isn’t released yet and they are still taking preorders at 1 per.

Can anyone shed the light on being allocated when ordering prior to FOC?

Maybe I’m missing something…lol

I’ve never had a pre-order not honored by TFAW. Sounds like they definitely got allocated then would be the only reason I’d think they’d pull it back to make sure everyone gets a copy, at least one copy.

Would Diamond/Marvel allocate them after their order on FOC?

I’ve never heard of Diamond/Marvel not honoring a retailers FOC order.

I haven’t them not honor a preorder either which is why this is odd to me. It came up as I asked them why Thor 5 2nd print was limited to 1 per as it was pre-FOC. Which then led to discussion about my other preorders prior to FOC.

Yeah, that’s just odd. What book is it if you don’t mind me asking. I’ll see if it’s a book I pre-ordered myself.

Duh, I should finish reading your post before copying to quote and respond… Thor #5 2nd print… hmmm… I didn’t pre-order that one myself.

Venom 26 actually.

I was talking to them about Thor 5 2nd and why it was limited pre FOC which led me to ask about Venom 26 as I had a few preordered before FOC and noticed they changed it to one per. He said I’d likely only get one due to “allocation” even though I ordered multiple pre FOC when there was no limit.
My preorder page still has multiples in it.

Will see what happens.

Ah, gotcha. I did pre-order that one but I only ordered 1 of the regular and 1 of teh Wednesday Variant (which they were limiting from the get go and after FOC was already passed).

Yeah. I only got one of the Wednesday too as that was post FOC.

Post FOC I get needing to limit.

I ordered these from Sanctum prior to them being announced as a 1:25. Do you think they will send them to me?

\ 60x60 09/22/2020 Dark Nights: Death Metal Speed Metal #1 PEACH MOMOKO VARIANT × 3 $17.97

If you do, consider it a hell of a win

I’ve ordered from Sanctum and I haven’t heard of them in particular cancelling orders.

Actually I’m gonna praise Sanctum for sending their WYND #1 Momoko variants in top loaders… and superb packaging all around.

I would say they are likely to be canceled. I know Golden Apple canceled theirs on Speed Metal.

Simple reason…open order prior to FOC…I’m sure they took many more orders then they will get 1:25 covers.

Agree I got the Momoko sketch and trade from them and was very surprised to see them come in toploads. Good on them.

Didn’t you get into a tiff with Sanctum’ s owner not too long ago?

Sanctum always done me right

I don’t live too far from Sanctum yet have never actually gone there (about 1.5 hours). I need to make that trip.

Not a tiff… They got mad cause we linked to them and boosted their sales… Very odd.

It was an odd exchange…that I remember…

It was very odd. It’s like, sorry for making you more money. :wink:

Maybe being associated with speculation wasn’t to their liking? Interesting.


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