Pricing Advice Please

I’m in a price negotiation with a seller for a DC early silver age (1954) book. It is a reputable seller and it is a raw book, which he grades at an 8.0. From the photos that looks about right.

There are very few of these on the CGC census. There is an outlier at 9.4, one 8.5 and three 8.0s. A smattering of books at lower grades too.

Very few sales to judge by, but in late 2019:

7.0 sold for $750
5.5 sold for $300

What would constitute a reasonable price for a raw 8.0? Not looking for a bargain, just a reasonable price. It’s a book I really like and will help to complete a run, but don’t want to get over-excited and overpay! Really appreciate any views. Thanks

Without knowing the book, it’s hard to provide advice.


If it is going to stay with you forever, you can really overpay. Youll never get burned if you collect what you love.

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without knowing name and issue its pointless to guess. books rise and fall today mostly on media usage.

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Hi all,

It is Action Comics #200. Not something that is particularly prone to media usage influences. I have been collecting all of the landmark number Action Comics. This is the last one I need, and I have been searching for decent grades, so 8.0 is pretty good for something so old.

You can use GPA to EST price expectation.

I use CovrPrice, which is great in some respects, but not particularly useful for rarely sold books. If anyone could give me an idea of what GPA estimates for a 8.0-8.5 I’d be very grateful. Cheers.

I don’t use CovrPrice, most dealer I spoke to uses GPA. Is CovrPrice free to use?

Any how, lucky for you I just signed up for GPA Yesterday, but the unfortunate part is, no sales in the last couple years.

What is the seller asking for it, and how much do you want it? It seems to be reasonably scarce, particularly in good condition, so a small premium might be worth it.

No not free, but reasonably priced. I think it was about $90 per year. It only incudes eBay sales, so for older books only sold occasionally, it is a bit limited. I used to use Go Collect as it included auction house sales, but many of the links were broken and wouldn’t give you a price.

Thanks so much that is really helpful. Also shows the trickiness of books like this. The 6.5 sold for considerably more than the 7.0 only four months apart. The last 8.0 sold 13 years ago, so difficult to track the trajectory.

Yes, it is very scare in higher grades and it would put an end to several years of wanting to put this collection together. It does involve a small premium, but I think I’ll go for it. Appreciate all of the help!


Here’s a copy that was offered up in December for $200 and didn’t sell. As far as I know the seller still has it. If you’re a member, it may be worth contacting him if it fits your budget and condition parameters.

That is very kind sir, Much appreciated

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Most popular silver age books are still holding their pre-Covid prices. Maybe even end of 2020 prices.

The best thing yo can do is to find a similar Action or Superman or Batman book and do some research on sale and prices over the last few years…that might give you a ballpark. If this book is more scarce, then Should expect it to be worth slightly to moderately higher.

If you come up with a price lower than what they’re asking for, you can show them your research and try to haggle.

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Learn to negotiate and keep your eye on the prize while making the other person think they win as well. I would start off this type of negotiation by asking the seller… “What is your bottom line you would be willing to let this go for?” Make them start with the number and work off that, most likely if it’s reasonable but still kind of high for your own budgeting, you can likely get them to come down a bit more on price.

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Why would you pay $90 annually when you can just type in a search of completed & sold items on eBay absolutely free?

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eBay Completed Sales Search only shows 90 day window and it doesn’t show any best offer purchase price. If you want to compare lowest sale base on current year or comparison between this year and last year. This information won’t be available on eBay.

That’s absolutely not true. Just did a search and within 30 seconds I found a sold and completed item from November of last year. You can’t sort them by the oldest date. So it’s at least 6 months.