Pricing CGC Variants that have never been listed on eBay

I ordered Outlawed 1 Cover D 1:50 Variant from Midtown for $30.30 and when I got it I noticed it kept going up in price on eBay and it looked to be a 9.8 so it is currently at the CGC getting graded and pressed to make sure it gets the highest grade possible. I noticed that it’s most recent raw sale sold for $500.00. When I get it back from the CGC, what price do you think I should list it for if its a 9.8? And how do you guys determine prices for newly listed CGC comics that have never been listed on eBay before?

It was a $30 before people talked it up on a couple sites so get out quick and try and get that money $750 buy it now

Put a best offer option as well…If someone really wants it they will pay the $750… if no takers at the set price but someone comes in at whatever, you can walk away with a nice profit.

List high but not too high… Sure you might be the only one but if you list a book too high, some might not even bother, even if you have OBO cause in my mind, trying to set the bar high sometimes comes off as the seller either: 1) not knowing what they have or 2) come off as desperate or 3) trying to sucker people…

Try to set the price reasonable, look at the number of raw solds, how much they went for. Sure one book might of sold high but take the average of them all. If you have Best Offer, take the offer you’re comfortable with in profit margins and never have any regrets. If you bought at $30, slabbed at $50 with $80 investment, you do what you think is best for your profit margin.

Remember, ratio variants always start off higher initially for the crowds who want to collect any and all covers of a book. Over time, ratio variants (unless something major happens, like a first appearance), always sizzle off and lose a lot of value.

There’s a good chance if you sold the slab at $500 or so, in another year you might find it for less than $100…

I’ve made the mistakes of picking up 1:25 and 1:50 ratio variants, held them for too long and get less than cover price for them months or years later.

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Agree with everything said above. And agree to list it ASAP.

What’s causing this one to pop? Residual Miles heat?

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Three hot characters on the same cover. 1:25 ratio variant of a book probably not heavily ordered (that I know of) so it could turn out to be a rare/rare-ish cover.