Printer flaws and CGC

Do you know if CGC will deduct the grade for printer flaws?

Most likely, yes. If it’s not a flaw on all the books, then that’s considered damaged. Or at least they should deduct some points from the overall grade.

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The way they are grading now, yes, it will affect your grade.

Maybe they will; maybe they won’t. Maybe they will barely even look at the book. Maybe they’ll drop it. Maybe you’ll get one of the 70 new graders looking to impress the boss. Maybe it’s a seasoned grader on a Friday who doesn’t care.

In other words, partition a dartboard into thirds. Throw the dart. And that’s your grade. 9.4, 9.6 or 9.8

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If it was me I would not send it in. It is to much of a mark in my opinion.

Or maybe one of the minimum wage warehouse workers who throw the book into the slab with the label has some hair fall into the case before encapsulating it…

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I forgot about that one!

If it’s a well known issue that effects all or nearly all books, it might just be a notation in the graders notes and no knock down.

If you don’t know if it’s common, then look at other books graded by CGC. See if you can get a feel for if it’s systemic, or just your book.

I know CBCS will more than likely call it a grade hit. I had a production crease on a book that knocked me down a few points.


Bill was spot on; who knows how it will be graded. What “should” be really isn’t even part of the consideration anymore.

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