Proud Uncle Bob

one of my nieces had a baby girl a few days ago & her name is OLIVIA LUCILLE , it’s her second child ( both daughters ) .
who knows … maybe olivia & her big sister will become comic book collectors / speculators someday ?


My 2 year old is named Olivia congrats!

Thanks @LoveBox & @Alana , she’s beautiful ( just like her big sister ) . all I wish is for both of them to be safe , healthy & happy :blush:

Congrats! Enjoy every second with them!




:relaxed: Congrats !

Thanks @rob92807 , @BatmanFan , @monopolyjackson & @davidbitterbaum

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Thanks @petepinron , I had you included above with the others but
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Olivia’s middle name is Lucille because of her grandmother’s love for Lucille Ball ,. her big sister has her grandmother’s middle name Louise as her middle name also

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