PSA: How Not To Ship Comics

Just a thread for those that want to gripe about sellers who don’t have a clue (or do not care) about how to protect comics from the careless hands of USPS…

This person should invest less in the floral unsupportive bubble wrap and more into stiff cardboard packing. This bubble wrap probably cost $1 or more…and likely a few extra pieces of rigid cardboard wouldn’t have put this over 10 oz.

I don’t think it was damaged in transit…haven’t looked over it fully yet.

Oh please that’s nothing. The stories I could tell. At least it was bagged, boarded, sandwiched between cardboard and in a bubble mailer. You’d be surprised even experienced sellers are clueless on how to ship. I’ve had books just put in a yellow envelope. I’ve had a seller put about 30 loose books in a box and wrapped the outside of the box in bubble wrap. Outside of the box was perfect. Books not so much. Someone should start a thread on how to ship so we’re not those people.

Obviously what you describe is crazy…those people have no clue…but my point is that there are those that are trying but don’t realize thin cardboard from usps priority mail boxes and bubble wrap is not acceptable. It might as well have been just an envelope.

Corners were all dinged up. Now I have to force a return…at least I have the before photos which show no damage. Person will still insist “this has never happened before!” I’m sure.

It’s a shame…another NM low print run comic bites the dust…

Oh I’ve had experienced sellers who’ve sold thousands and thousands of books not ship properly. I hate it when they say I ship like this all the time and I’ve never had any issues.

I agree on some of the priority boxes you can get free aren’t good to use. Especially the boxes used for shipping CGC books. Some of the others are decent though. I work in retail so I have access to all sorts of cardboard so I’ve moved away from using Priority boxes to sandwich books between.

I use them to sandwich books between but I also use 3-4 on each side of the comic. :slight_smile:

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The one i got (kicked off this thead) the guy refunded my money and I kept the comic.

Got another one today shipped nearly the exact same way…arrived undamaged somehow. Maybe eve 9.6/9.8 shape. GIJoe 14…I’ll post it in the newsstand comics thread.

Yup. That would definitely work and recently got a package just like that.

I love USPS Flat Rate envelopes. If it’s just 1 book I can usually fit 4 pieces of USPS flat rate cardboard on each side so it’s a total of 8. With the comic in the center and taped down but also as if it were in a tight long box, these never get damaged.

I think it also helps cause when you use those and or the same size envelopes, USPS automated sorters are designed to handle them so less likely to get stuck or crushed when they’re going through such sort machines and belts, etc.

Horror story from ebay- The dumbass jammed the comics between two ginormous pieces of cardboard, then taped them to one side. Guess which is the one corner that got damaged? The one the comic corners slid up against. No. Common. Sense.

The worst part is, this jerkasaurous made me pay for shipping insurance, then refused to cash it, saying there wasn’t enough damage and I wanted to make him commit fraud. I had to send a claim myself, even though I’m not the one who bought the insurance. To hell with this creep!

Return it as “item not as described”. Force it if need be. The seller is responsible for getting it safely to you as described. Can’t rely on USPS and eBay as they take no responsibility…even if insured it’s tough to prove value lost and justify a claim. Could take a while.

If it was a slabbed comic and only the case was damaged and you got a great deal, I would keep it and send the claim through to recoup the costs of re-Slabbing including shipment back and forth. I’ve done that and didn’t have an issue with usps. But expedite it as usps claims can take a while, and if they reject it you want it to be within the time frame to return the slab and get a full refund as protected by eBay.

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