Quarantine induced organization madness!


And that’s just comics filed under “L”!!!

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I have been organizing like crazy. Also brought 3,600 new comics in from storage so all the work I have put in has kind of reset. I have been pulling a large amount of duplicates and triplicates our for selling in the near future. I have so many damn comics.

Some day when I’m not working, entertaining my kids or working on home improvement (In other words having “me” time that doesn’t involve sleeping) I will organize my comics…

I actually made some good sales this week…Captain Marvel 8 (3rd Print) and a couple ASM 546s. Some times holding out does pay off!

Hoping to hit my honey hole to grab some Hot Star Wars comics this week. Maybe find a few other diamonds in the rough.

I either am extremely organized or uncontrolled chaos of stuff.

I use to be totally organized until I met my wife who is the world biggest slob. I gave up cause there’s just no purpose in organizing stuff around the house for her to come mess up.

I’m definitely the slobby one in my marriage. My wife never misses an opportunity to bring up my selling the collection. I did finally get everything organized over the weekend. I’m using that clz app to inventory now. That’s a really good app for any older collectors that normally hand jam everything.

Just got in another 20 short boxes, 1200 bags and boards and some silver age bags and boards. This organizing the collection is expensive. (3200 fresh bags and boards in since The end of March)

I’ve been using CLZ for a few years now. It is a great app and it has only gotten better with each update.