Quarantined Artwork by Request

Hey CHU,
I’m an artist and long time lurker here. I’m also a high school art teacher who will be “teaching online” for the coming weeks +. I’ve been a fan of comics since a kid, and even grew up learning and drawing from early 90s comics (for good and ill!).
Anyways, since we have an unknown time before any new comics drop, I figured I can offer something to the site/community that I’ve been silently following for so long…

So feel free to leave any requests in the replies with:

  • Any character mash-ups you’d like to see drawn
  • Any battle between 2 characters
  • Solo character with interesting prop or situation

I can’t promise to create all requests but will do my best to try and will definitely draw the requests I find the most intriguing. I’ll post them in this thread throughout the week(s).

*Hopefully I posted this in the right section


Love this idea…

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I love this and welcome to the forums!! I’d like to see the main x-men characters (your choice) equal amounts of each sex but the men dressed as the females would be and vice versa. Of course I’d like to see the male characters posing very sexily like how they usually have the females posing.

I’d like to see Dr. Aphra beating Harley (Dini styles) in a game of paper/rock/scissors, while sitting at the Nostromos kitchen table with Kane having his chest burst in the background. :smile:

Hear me out,

Moon Knight versus Clayface.

Just because I love the characters and the image of that gross clay splattered on his all-white outfit would be neat!

He isn’t an X-Man, but we already know Batman is packing a solid wang, so that needs to be illustrated for realism purposes!

Awesome idea, and welcome to the forum mate!

I’d like to throw in the idea of Green Goblin VS The Joker! I just think the visuals and colours in that fight scene would be amazing!

Sorry for the delay guys, things got a little more hectic with work and fam than previously expected!
I worked on two sketches this past weekend. I went with the two requests that had marvel/dc crossover characters. Joker v. Goblin and Moon Knight v. Clayface.

Green Goblin Vs. The Joker
Moon Knight Vs. Clayface

Ahhhh nice one mate. I requested green goblin Vs the Joker and you did an amazing job!! Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing…

I like the GGs face in the first piece. It has a Gremlins feel to it. :+1:. Great stuff.

I’m glad you wanted to do my Moon Knight versus Clayface request, it’s gorgeous!

I like the Moon Knight vs Clayface. The different faces on Clayface look sick…

What do you use to get your poses?

Thanks guys!
Regarding poses, usually i will take pics of myself at the necessary angles, but in these 2 sketches I just drew them via poses I worked out in my head and on paper. The Moon/Clay poses ended up with a slight hint of a Pietà reference.