Question about grading

My friend was wondering if these square black ink blocks will affect the grade of a comic. Has any one dealt with this?

No cause those were part of the comics and how they printed books during the newsprint paper days… :wink:


I thought so. Thank you. I figured I get the correct answer here.

How much does this off-kilter cover reduce the grade of a comic? Assume it’s a 9.8 otherwise… what would you grade this comic based on the off-kilter cover?

The front of the cover actually looks normal… it’s only the back. Also the white at the top is not the last page showing, it’s actually printed white on the cover itself.

I think if it is indicative of the issue they don’t count off for it. Are there slabbed issues you can find online that show this? I’m not sure which issue this is.

I received 4 copies of this issue. 2 had the defect and 2 didn’t.

It’s Nottingham 5 so a pretty new release. I checked Ebay listings and found 3 copies that looked fine and didn’t see any with the defect.

Yeah, if it’s not on all or most they might deduct for it. You could ask customer service or wait until people start selling slabbed copies to see if they have the defect.

I don’t know how many DC comics I have received with the extra crease running the full length on the cover. How much does this ding the comic’s grade?

How many grading points do you lose for a cover that’s not attached properly like this one?.. i.e. the interior of the comic sticks out past the cover at the bottom