Question: FF #164 vs. #244

Hey all -

I’m a frequent lurker by first-time topic creator here. I was hoping for some insight, because it seems like I’m missing something.

I’ve been following FF #164 and #244 for the past 3 months or so, hoping to pick up a 244 in 9.8 and a 164 in 9.6. While the 244 looks twice as plentiful in grade (and 7 years newer to boot, so likely more high grade copies exist out there) the 244 just took off, moving from a ~$250 book to a ~$1000 book seemingly overnight. Whereas the #164 has held steady from last year’s high price ($650 for a 9.6 in September of last year, which is what I paid for mine just recently.)

So the question is this: why is #244 blowing up while #164 holds steady? Not complaining, mind you - it allowed me to get a nice #164 for what I was planning on spending, and the Kirby cover is amazing. But #164 is Frankie Raye’s first appearance, where #244 is just her first appearance as Nova. If people are spec’ing Frankie Raye, wouldn’t the older, more rare, Jack Kirby cover 1st appearance deserve as much attention as her becoming the Herald of Galactus? The 164 is a long term hold for me, so it won’t change my approach to either book. I’m just curious if I missed something that catapulted 244 and left 164 at status quo.


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Imo, Super Heroes 1st beats all. Obviously, the market decides on a case by case basis, but I’ve always preferred the 1st appearance as a hero, rather than a simple first appearance of a heroes/villians alter ego. :beers:

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Go collect wrote up #244 and bought out all the copies when they were $10 that’s the difference no news or anything just another misinformation Matt piece.


244 is more slab-worthy than 164, as it has the character on the cover.

My opinion.

I’ve been buying 244 for a few years now. It hasn’t been a $10 book in probably, at least, 12 months. I’m not sure who Matt is, Alana. Frankie Raye has been on a lot of spec radars for a while now.