Quick Spec: All New Wolverine #33

While talking about Stormranger I remembered Kamala is the President in the future of Marvel comics. And that takes place first here in All New Wolverine #33 which is also 1st OldWoman Laura.

Might be some more spec here besides the future X23. Pick it up for cover online or may even still be at the LCS in some bargain back issues.

There’s a B cover variant to this one as well. A Venom 30th anniv cover, that imo is ugly as hell. Always bet on A right? (Of course I had to have the B cover-grrrr)

The person with the Golden single knives in each hand is X23?? Or someone else? Generally asking I have no clue

It’s future Gabby has a laser third claw suit for some reason she first appears in her future self here too.

This is OldWoman Laura.

She doesn’t look old to me. Needs more wrinkles…

Gabby is called Wolverine in this issue so it’s prob her first appearance as Wolverine on top of all the other keyness.