Quick Spec: Doom Patrol vol2 #14

So Dorothy Spinner aka ape faced girl has become a staple of the current Doom Patrol team on HBO. Her abilities includes summoning her insane imaginary friends like a giant spider, a giant werewolf like monster with antlers, and a demon known as Candlemaker so far. Some asking $50 on eBay with all cheap copies about gone, but hey there is a half dozen different cheap ones listed on Amazon for a couple bucks and shipping. Doom Patrol vol2 #23 is 1st Red Jack and #22 is supposedly his cameo but I didn’t see it when I read it. Looks to be the villain for the season or a few episodes. Both great dollar binner winners for dollar box searches.

I grabbed one of the cheap Amazon copies & it was actually in very nice shape.
#14 is a very cool comic…art by Erik Larsen even & much of it is drawn/formated in a horizontal page format. Great book! Thanks for the heads up!

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