Quick Spec: Miles Morales #6 1st Starling

New rule for 2021: Any new character has to appear on the cover and be more than what people would consider cameo in the first issue they appear. It’ll save many arguments from happening. No more of those, “Appearance on the last page of the preceding issue,” business that leads to people getting into fistfights like I’ve witnessed over debates with Wolverine’s first appearance.

Fantastic Four #5 has a full page last page ad that’s the cover for Hulk #1 it predates Hulk #1, it’s a full page, he’s named just because it says on sale now in the corner it’s an ad or is it?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well that’s not going to sell more issues…

You know what’s awesome @D-Rog, Passenger 57 was on TV the other night so I had to stop and watch it so I could see that scene… :slight_smile:

Who is hating on the book? And no one is really pushing a book by mentioning it. A lot of defensiveness in your statements when no one was attacking you or hating on issue 5. Just strange the way your response came off


As a completists, I have all of the books mentioned. So, I would love for all of them to appreciate in value. However, I am not certain why Stameco is getting so defensive over people dismissing the overall spec play of #5 2nd print. The market has already deemed #5 as a cameo and the 2nd printing, though it is a rare book, doesnt have Starling pictured either. #6 1st print is first full AND cover A has her featured. Cover B is certainly less printed but I cant imagine the secondary market pushing the Battle Lines Mysterio cover to a overall higher value either.

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Because people like to throw in the word “rare” and immediately think it should be “valuable” based on that alone.

Just because there is less of something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s valuable. If that were the case, the hundreds of comics that hit shelves each week that had print runs of 5k or less would all be “valuable”… right but such a notion that rare = valuable.

Demand drives value. Supply assists in the factoring of value along with availability. There can be an initial huge number in the supply aspect of an item but if no one is selling, then availability plays it’s part when demand goes up. So many factors involved but the driving force behind it all when it comes to value is demand, without demand, none of the other factors matter.


This, :point_up::point_up::point_up:, all of this!

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Very true. I enjoy collecting vintage video game magazines and a few that I have are legitimately rare…Meaning one comes up for sale once every couple of years. That kind of rare. Still, most of the time when a game mag like that sells it is for maybe one hundred and change and every now and then two to maybe three hundred…for something that has maybe just a couple hundred still in existence… Nintendo Power is the exception. Tons made but high grade copies of issue #1 will go two to three hundred with no problem and mid grades selling for about one hundred. is common. High grade CGC copies go for even more…even with thousands if not tens of thousands around it still out paces the truly rare mags more often than not.

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