Quick Spec: Miles Morales #6 1st Starling

Looks like Starling will be joining the new Champions squad. Good to see her being used elsewhere and should help push her book into top 5 Miles keys. There’s a first print she’s on the cover and a rarer second print she’s not on the cover for Miles Morales #6.

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Good to hear. Picked up a few of those 2nd prints a couple months ago when they were still cover price.What are the odds she will be used in a Spiderverse movie to stir things up a bit?

That 1st print is like the perfect 1st appearance book. Full appearance + cool cover featuring the character. Cameo is in #5.

You can push your book and ill push my book. Whats your definition of cameo? Damian Wayne? Jessica Cruz Hand? Everyone in the industry throwing the word cameo around a little to easy.

this is not a cameo. this is a splash page , meaning full page with character stating her name in costume. So if jessica cruz is a cameo than whats this? Plus this book is way more rare than the issue 6 2nd print. So you want to call it cameo? I call 5 First Full, plus my book is harder to get than yours. I own both books, but its typical of people now these days to hate on the books they didnt get or cant get their hands on. Real talk, a lot of sour grapes in this community. Anyways just doing what yall doing, your mentioning a book, im mentioning a book, nothing different, the market can decide the rest. Although when one book is harder to find than the other, just understand their is more than just a “trending” list out their

A cameo.

I don’t recall one page appearance not being a cameo.

The size of the page doesn’t matter. The name of a character doesn’t matter. It’s brief…then it’s a cameo.

It it’s definitely a first appearance. Hang your hat on that…not the whole silly cameo/full debate.


One image = cameo no matter the size I don’t make the rules I buy them both cameo and full.

i dont get the 2nd print of #6 hype, she isnt on the cover, i dont care how rare it is. the cover for 1st print will always be the winner.

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And first cameo with cover beats first full with cover but #5 has no character on the cover so doesn’t even fit the equation of being better than a first full.

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Typically one panel is a cameo. Multiple panels is full.

5 is first app (in cameo). 6 is first full.

6 gets the added bump with the cover appearance.

I own all the books. There’s no “my book” “your book” politics with me.

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It’s the print run/rarity argument with the 2nd print.

Personally I prefer 1st prints. Especially when character is on the cover of the first.


Like Thanos #15 is one splash page of Silver Surfer Black it’s a cameo Thanos #16 is first full but not on the cover until 3rd print people go with Thanos #15 4th print over Thanos #16 first full because it’s first cameo with cover even though it’s not Silver Surfer black’s first cover overall

The point of my thread is to point the toxic part of the industry right now, such as the Outlawed 1:50 variant hate going around, the point is people are Hating on books they dont have, sorry grapes, thats the point. Its okay to Not Like a Book, but no need to Disregard it or Hate it on it. For a while now ive seen nothing but Issue 6 2nd print being pushed on this website, my money is on because the people pushing it missed out on the issue 5 2nd print, resson why? To my point its a more rare book, cameo or not and if you look at the industry right now more rare books are dominating the market. So we can agree to disagree, all good, just pointing things out


I’d want the #6 first print. Character… On… Cover.

Also, why would you push a book here just because you have it? Seems contrary to the intent of the site to me.

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I thought his first appearance was Fantastic Four 48… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Until this thread I didnt even know there was a debate about which Starling book is THE book to own. CGC labeled #6 first full a long time ago. 1st full, 1st cover. I don’t care how limited the print runs are on #5 2nd (cameo, not on cover) or #6 2nd (full, not on cover). IF the character becomes a big hit #6 1st print will always be the winner. The 2nd prints are simply books to own from a completists standpoint. UF #4 2nd prints are a hell of a lot more rare than the 1st prints, but they will NEVER be more desirable.


Im the first to tell you to buy both cameo and full so you don’t have to argue a side I’m sure many can attest to that. I have to mention later prints because some people collect later prints even though I think later prints are bull shit I still have to say there is a 2nd print so it’s not pushing the book as I could care less about a cover less later printing. As I stated back then

FF #48 is first Silver Surfer and Silver Surfer Black is just a cursed Silver Surfer but I sell books to people that believe otherwise so they don’t listen I take their money.

I know…just bustin on ya cause I know you don’t like these “first appearances” of existing characters with new abilities.

I love the later prints, but more for aesthetics as they put new characters and spoilers on the cover…but I’d someone wants to pay me more for it, great.

…remember the old days when characters were introduced in full stories AND were on that month’s cover? Like Thor 337?

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