Quick Spec’s: Blue Beetle #3 2006

Apparently John Cena will play Peacemaker in Suicide Squad 2. He first appears here

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This has been known since January

Yes it’s still found in $1 bins and on Amazon for $2 as of a few days ago and going $20+ on eBay now

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Have they finally confirmed it, officially?

Nothing official from the studio. All info so far comes from inside sources.

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Blue Beetle 3 copies are moving based on this news it looks like:

They are but it is honestly a bit of dead/old/cyclical spec as this has been on the spec radar for quite some time now. Unlikely (not impossible) to find it in the wild. When rumors of Cena as Peacemaker first appeared over a year ago it took off, and then with the release of all the Suicide Squad 2 news and visuals of him, it hit again.

Not trying to rain on the book itself…it’s just one that have likely been hunted for and picked already.

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I have bought a set of 1-10 for $7 at a lcs not long ago and flipped the $3 for $20. They are still potentially out there.

Oh good, bought a small stack of #3 a while back when they were still cover. Time to press and sell!..I guess he survived the movie.

That’s true, but once the show actually hits there will be new collectors or casual collectors who didn’t know about the book. A quality show and another movie appearance or two down the road will potentially keep the book rising…Maybe slow, maybe fast but for this one I would say more of a slow rise. We’ll see.