Quick Spec’s: Will The Real 1st Alien Stand Up

I got a weekend specs dropping today or tomorrow and will add this in the comments but get it here first. So there is some discrepancy to what is the first appearance of Aliens, Dark Horse Presents #24 use to be labeled first Aliens by CGC and now no longer says that on the label, so now people are chasing Aliens #1 as being first Aliens. I do wonder where does CGC’s liability start and begin, they should have to compensate anyone that bought this book when they had it labeled as 1st Aliens or at least it should ruin their reputation. But there is no reason to argue Aliens make 3 appearances prior to DHP #24 and Aliens #1. The 1st appearance of Aliens in November 1979 was in Cracked #164 many years before DHP or Aliens. The 2nd appearance takes place in Mad #212 1980 January, and the 3rd appearance in Mad #268 1987 November. DHP and Aliens series appearances took place in 1988.

There’s some cheap copies of Cracked #164 in the VG range on Amazon a cheap one or two on eBay most listed are $20+

Let’s add to the list… I believe first Aliens vs Predator was in Dark Horse Presents #36.


Well, I bought both Aliens #1 and DHP #24way back when they first came out so no dog in that fight. Don’t have any extras to spec on either so whichever wins out wins out. I like the cover to Aliens #1 better. Just iconic Aliens!

I wasn’t collecting Cracked in 1979…I probably started reading them in sometime in 81 so I found an above average #164 for $5 and will gladly add it to my old mostly beat up Cracked and Mad magazines! I can’t see people going crazy for the Cracked issue. Maybe for novelty but with today’s market ya never know! If a third print of a book printed months after the real first appearance can command a higher price then anything is possible!

Cracked at that time was published by Dell comics and the only reason Cracked and Mad aren’t comic book sized is the comics code Authority trampled on 1st amendment rights.


MAD and Cracked are parody books. I can’t see a parody book being labeled as a 1st for anything comic book related. M2c.

So @TopherS brought this up on the article Heavy Metal May1979 As 1st Alien it’s no parody book predates it all and really well done art.

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Parody or not, still printed publication. There are collectors out there for such things…

Is the Heavy Metal article focusing on Giger, or the Alien movie? Or both? I would love to have that issue of HM. 1979 you say… do you know what issue #, or month, @Alana?

Vol 3 # 1. Amazon has the best looking copies. But more can be found using the month and year which is above and May ‘79.

I got mine on amazon $13

Two part story that takes place in Heavy Metal May and Jun 1979 and then is reprinted in one book at the end of 1979 it’s pretty long story this is just a few of its pages

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Search them by heavy metal may 1979 or June 1979 think they are issue 5 and 6

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Steady moving

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Thanks, went ahead and picked one up for $25 before this gets out of reach.