Quick Spec: Ultimates 2 #6

I shared this with a friend & thought you may find it interesting. I finally read through all the varied books I previously presented with regards to “The Light” in the upcoming Wraith issue.
This particular issue is one that is extremely significant & downright cool. Especially as it relates to Knull’s Origin versus “the light” (which is why I initially went after it).

Ultimates 2 #6

  1. The 1st appearance of the 1st Firmament-she/he is THE 1st creation/being of the Marvel Universe. I suppose this could be argued but this book clearly supports it.
  2. This issue provides a history of the Universe, the Celestials, the Celestial/Aspirant war & most importantly, the event which pissed off Knull who was content chilling in the Void.
  3. This issue features both Blue Marvel & Spectrum (which is just a cool aside). Early team up of characters who have great futures.
  4. I don’t have access to print numbers, but my own personal hunting/observation is/was that the book is a hassle to find. It’s a pain to search for because of all the other issues that pop up. I’ve yet to find it at a shop either. This entire run by Ewing was amazing.

Anyway, just a very cool book that even with zero spec goes perfectly aside Venom #4. 1st four images are from Ultimates2 #6…last image from Venom #4.