Quick Specs: Agents of Atlas #1 Frankies 2nd print

These are going $50 on ebay some asking in the $100s get them here at Frankies for $20 before someone else makes the money off them. Agents of Atlas first appearance and a Virgin Silk cover with a 1500 print run buy two sell one😜

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Thanks Alana. I did pick up a couple, thanks to you!

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Thanks. I needed both another copy of New Agents 1 (thanks, two year old daughter…) and I was looking for something cool to display for Silk!

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It’s their grand opening today for Frankies Comics brick and mortar store good wishes to Kevin on the new store I’ve been a long time online customer since the Hoknes days.

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Thanks! Also grabbed one. Have most of Silk’s covers and this will be a nice addition. Appreciated.

grabbed two, thanks Alana

Highest closed sale at $59.99 not bad

Thanks, @Alana! I grabbed two.

Snagged 2…good looking out! Appreciate it!!

The print run on this has to be at least 3000. I did not think Marvel has special rules for 2nd prints.
Why are they using shady wording to pump this drek? ‘Limited to… copies’, smh.
Why are you promoting that lie, Alana? You know what’s what. And what is, is that book is not a 1500 print run. You know this. Come on, ma’am.

They do have special rules for later print store exclusives most are 1000 print run some of the ones that have a 1:25 later printing variant are 1500. Marvel doesnt make stores order a bunch of later prints because they don’t sell well up till this later printing craze started. Kevin at Frankies has never done me wrong or had a reason to lie to me about any of his exclusive print runs I’ve been a customer for closing in on a decade. He’s also sponsored numerous give aways over the years here at Comicsheatingup and donates $500 from every store variant he sells like 3 variants a week to an agreed upon charity. The guy just opened a brick and mortar store and still donates $1500 a week to charity and you want to say he lies about his print runs?

Ahhh, that’s nice that Disney is looking out for the little guy. I do not believe that statement to be true.

It makes zero sense. Why would he choose to use the words ‘limited to…’ rather than using the words ‘print run’.
And that sentence is riff with fallacies. Everything you said is moot too the point I was making. Him giving money to CHU or charity or whatever is absolutely moot in this convo.
Frankie’s is using the same sales tactics with misleading verbage, the same verbage you used to rail against.
Frankie’s knows this verbage is controversial, yet they choose to use it instead of using every collectors wet dream, ‘print run’. I don’t think so. Not for one second. And if you’ve been told otherwise by the same guy who is taking your money, then, well, idk, but it’s not good.

I’m fairly certain Frankie’s opened up about 5 years ago. Kevin and I had exchanged numbers back then when he first opened up.

Idk, man. Lately, you seem to be going out of your way to promote a lot of these store books. It’s all anyone talks about here on CHU now, it seems, and your leading the ring. Idk. Other groups are banning posts about store books to avoid the shite, and it’s we talk about on CHU. CHU seems to really be losing its uniqueness and family atmosphere. More and more like those lesser sites as it moves towards pushing store books all day.
I know you make money off of some, but still, you can do that with literally anything. Shit or gold included. Rant over. :v:

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Thanks Alana, I picked up 2.

I stopped in at Frankies grand opening. It was very crowded, all for Crane signing.

Sounds like a good place for COVID to spread…


Please provide a reference so I can fact check,

Were people wearing masks and maintaining 6 feet social distance?

FYI that statement is false. He has never given me money as a paid advertiser or for any other reason. He has sponsored giveaways where he directly mailed out the books to the winners but we do not get financial compensation in any way.


Again, “we” do not talk about store variants or promote them on the main site. The forum is open for people to talk about any comics they want. We do not ban any topic unless it is political or gets out of hand with name calling.

Which is actually stated in the rules and guidelines. Sure we might let some slip if they’re just poking fun in good nature… but yes, this is a public forum (well, mostly public, gain some trust to some private categories to limit the audience) but it’s still public in the sense that people have the freedom to talk about comics in any fashion or form they desire.