Quick Specs: America #2


With the recent increase in popularity for America Chavez and the recent increase in collecting of hip hop covers this cover for America #2 is a sleeper unofficial hip hop cover. This cover homages a Beyoncé music video and captures all that attitude beautifully. Great cover that’s far better than her incentive variants that are blowing up, this can be found in dollar bins and for a couple dollars online


Print run 24k

pump it pump it

That’s good spec based on a sound theory, imo.

It’s a $1 book I’m not pumping anything I own one copy I bought 6 weeks ago.

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Can’t find any links to any

Ones listed as a 2nd print but don’t think there was a 2nd print for this issue.

Search it by America #2 2017 a handful pop up on eBay that way.

I saw This one But didn’t see a lot until i did the America #2 2017 search. There are ones for $1.99

I totally gaffed and didn’t buy the issue #1 Mckelsie variant (1:25) for $25 this week when I went into a shop. I had no internet access in the store to look it up…called them back this morning and they’re shipping it to me.

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Might have to send this one in for grading. Looks pretty close to 9.8…at worst 9.6.


I think you’re in the wrong thread…