Quick Specs: Astonishing X-Men #4 2004

Looks like this cover by Inhyuk Lee is creating a buzz on the character Armor.

X-Men #2 (Inhyuk Lee Aapih Variant)

Her first appearance Astonishing X-men #4 2004 has been gobbled up off eBay as a result. Still some cheap copies on Amazon of cover A

Astonishing X-men 4 Comic

and cover B as well

Astonishing X-Men #4 Cover B


What is the picture from?

Wolverine and X-men Alpha and Omega #3 cover is the picture


TY! I don’t have this and that’s an awesome cover.

Funny! On another thread I specifically asked about this character as I was unaware and thought she was cool. Thank you @Alana for responding at the time. I did try to find a few out in my hunts at shops to no avail, but did secure a couple cheap online last week.

Still reminds me of Diva from Overwatch (although clearly Armor came first).

She was featured prominently in the one season they did of the X-Men Anime. If you haven’t watched it I’d recommend watching it. Written by Warren Ellis if I remember correctly. It’s been in my list and I’ve acquired a few newsstands of her first appearance.

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@ToddW It must of been you at one point who posted a few of this book then. I definitely recalled (prior to this latest thread/discussion) someone posting a few copies/small stack of the book and indicating the reason for it. It was sort of a bank of memory bank type deal, but even since that point I’d never seen the book out and about.

I feel like that Astonishing Xmen series from 1/6 is typically missing as folks are also buying #3 and #6 due to even bigger prices/spec.

As always, these forums well ahead of the curve thanks to all of you!!!

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