Quick Specs: Captain America #208, #209

Just a reminder there’s a very good chance Arnim Zola will appear in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Captain America movies have been setting up a robot Arnim since Captain America the First Avenger. While other people are gobbling up Omega Red it’s a good chance to be buying up Captain America #208 and #209 for cheap. Could be Agatha type gains when the show comes out if he does appear, and if he doesn’t you still get a great villain first appearance or two for under $20. Arnim first appears in a one page last panel cameo in #208 this is also Man-Fish’s 1st appearance a creature created and mind controlled by Zola. Cgc notes #208 as the first Arnim but it’s a cameo and should be corrected. Captain America #209 is first full appearance of Zola and first cover. #209 also has more keyness as 1st appearances of Dough Boy a shapeshifing android and Primus another shapeshifter android they can also combine to become a super android. Dough boy has a number of appearances in Marvel comics and Primus just reappeared recently in the recent Juggernaut series. These all make good guesses for appearances in the coming Disney+ show. Arnim Zoila has a running history with the Zemo’s as well and if there is an Omega Red in the show guess who probably created him, Zola. Cheap spec not much down side could be a lot of upside. One last thing of note the robot Arnim was suppose to appear in a flashback Shield meeting in Antman but the scene was never filmed for some reason but we do have the concept art created for the MCU robot Arnim which we may just see here on Disney+ soon.


Nice callout @Alana, and you are right I found lots of cheap copies of this book and bought them.

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Even in high grade these books can be found pretty cheap. Not a bad pick up.