Quick Specs: Hawkeye #9, #10 2012

Looks like one of the villains for the Hawkeye show will be the clown first appearing in Hawkeye vol#4 #9 one panel cameo and #10 first full appearance. His wilkpedia will say #8 but he is not in that book at all.


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Cool, I recently bought 3 copies of #9 a few weeks back. The 2nd print of that issue is an expensive book.

Unfortunately, this book already had a bit of heat just for the cover and isn’t too chep or easily found in bins.

For me personally, this entire run was a bit trickier to find in the wild.

Thank you!

I know where like 6 copies of the 1st to cover 9 are sitting on a shelf for cover…giggity…

I actually have the run of issues 1-12 or so…loved the team of Fraction and Aja.

Is that the clown’s eyeball on the cover of issue 10? It is!!

First full Interior + first cover appearance (partial)!

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Thanks alana. Posted on the main site.

Just to revisit this and emphasize the fact that very often, our group here is well ahead of the game.
Discussing this and buying out of dollar bins in July…and these books are both on hot lists/topics of conversation now.

You all are the greatest!

Let those other groups say they are first, we don’t care, just know where you get the good stuff first. g

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Doesn’t matter who’s first honestly, not in today’s world. The news spreads fast once it does hit an outlet. So yeah, you can pay $4.99 or more a month for some shitty patreon private group, more than likely if they do break news first, it’s here on CHU or the many others sites and discussion sites within minutes or hours, it’s usually not long…

I’d rather put up with a some ads to support the site than just give them money and I might not even be able to utilize the news to benefit from it but I’m paying regardless… I can pay for a gym membership and if I don’t go, I’m still paying or I can save money and just work out at home for free, when time permits.


I actually have like the first 12 or so books in this series in NM+ or better. Bought them off the rack cause I loved the Fraction/Aja team on Immortal Iron First. Still one of my all time favorite comic runs.