Quick Specs: Hawkeye #9, #10 2012

Looks like one of the villains for the Hawkeye show will be the clown first appearing in Hawkeye vol#4 #9 one panel cameo and #10 first full appearance. His wilkpedia will say #8 but he is not in that book at all.


Cool, I recently bought 3 copies of #9 a few weeks back. The 2nd print of that issue is an expensive book.

Unfortunately, this book already had a bit of heat just for the cover and isn’t too chep or easily found in bins.

For me personally, this entire run was a bit trickier to find in the wild.

Thank you!

I know where like 6 copies of the 1st to cover 9 are sitting on a shelf for cover…giggity…

I actually have the run of issues 1-12 or so…loved the team of Fraction and Aja.

Is that the clown’s eyeball on the cover of issue 10? It is!!

First full Interior + first cover appearance (partial)!

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Thanks alana. Posted on the main site.

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