Quick Specs: Hulk #290

With the animated Modok show a week away and everyone else focused on Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, Ms Marvel, and so on now is a good time to grab your Modok keys. Here’s a couple cheap ones, Katherine Waynesboro is a Sheild scientist assigned to monitor the Hulk she first appears in Hulk #287. She is kidnapped by Abomination and taken to A.I.M. where they implanted her and put her in a conversion chamber turning her into Ms. Modok or also known as the Bride of Modok first appearing and on cover in Hulk #290. A good low risk low price cheap spec worth a couple dollars to put in your collection.


There was heat on this for a bit, apparently confirmed for the modok series but might not show up as scorpion


I believe it’s got two relevant first appearances. Black and Rappaccini. I’ve been stockpiling this book as well and have a newsstand copy.

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Wonder Man

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Hey look at that Ms Modok does appear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still cheap copies out there if you need one.