Quick Specs: Lois and Clark

Wanda can fart in her marvel show and the comic community will have 3 books to chase by the end of the episode, DC tv spec not so much. I’ve always been a fan of the CW shows and spec that goes along with them and some of it has paid off. So with the premiere of Lois and Clark this week some books to be on your radars.

Convergence Superman #2 cover B going @ $30, Cover A @ $15 because the convergence cover A’s are so ugly. This one didn’t really play out like everyone thought in the pilot episode but overtime maybe it will be good spec for the show. A good book to own anyways outside of tv and movie spec.

Lois and Clark #1 sharing the same title as the new CW show this has started moving copies again, the whole run of 8 issues has been selling.

Action Comics #544 A really underpriced book from 1983 in my opinion. This book is a twofer first Lex Power suit and a redesigned Brainiac the robot looking version you use to own from the Kenner super powers 80s toy line


CW shows dont move the needle…and if they do, the books dont have a lasting sustaining value.


I find the opposite I buy the books cheap for cw spec without much competition and then DC movies use the characters and that’s when everybody wants the books. Sure not every character but Deathstroke, Thawne, Wally, Captain Boomerang have all been good buys when they debuted on CW. There is always so much Marvel talk on the spec sites DC info can be harder to come by. The CWverse has been a good tool for rounding out DC first appearances I would of never owned otherwise.

Ahhh… memories…that was the book that got me into speculation and flipping books. I found a 1:25, for ratio, at my LCS shortly after the books release. I flipped it for 5/6x what I paid, and the rest is history. I’m still sitting on a few of the books related to Jon, so, thanks for the heads up. They will be listed today. :beers:

Record breaking sale alert

Now we know you didn’t buy it… since you “missed out”… :wink:

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I found a nm on Amazon for $12 I’m not looking to pay $800 for any DC book lol


I never pay hundreds of dollars for a book-regardless how much I love it. I buy low and sell high.If I miss out, then I’d move on to other books.


I wonder if that is a real sale since there are other 9.8 copies out there with a BIN for half that.

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Yep I agree you think they would of gone with the Canadian price variant for half that.

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Now I know you’re really an alias for @agentpoyo .

Confess, Poyo! We know it’s you behind the curtain!

I don’t think Poyo engages in the act of internet sockpuppetry (where you pretend to be someone else in the same forum). He usually speaks his opinions candidly!

Whatever tinfoil hat you’re wearing .I don’t get offended over innocuous words like Agentpoyo . I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t create another account to call myself out and censor certain words out. LOL

I was just picking on Poyo. Your position about moving on to the next book if you miss out are his words verbatim.

All in good fun.

Okay.My bad then.

I don’t know what your talking about… I’m actually filthy rich and have a raging case of FOMO… My FOMO is as bad as my raging daily case of hemorrhoids as I buy all comics at premium prices every time.

That sounds exhausting…

Wait… . my name getting dragged through the mud cause someone else was making a comparison and was poking fun at me? Geez… Tell me how you really feel then…

Okaaaaay. Back on topic,

I really like that Action 544. It’ll be a fun one to search for in the wild.

So, I bought that book way back in 1983 and loved the new modernised versions of Luthor and Brainiac. I remember sorting through my collection a couple of years ago and looking up prices for many of the older books. That one went into the ‘not worth grading pile!’

Really got to wonder if that is a real sale. Very strange amount to pay for a book that was $60 two years ago. Since then sales at 100, 151, 250 and 400 and now a $800. Ummmm…is there really any good reason for it to leap like this?