Quick Specs: Luna Maximoff

Here’s a good cheap book worth a pickup Fantastic Four #240 1st appearance of Luna Maximoff. Luna is the daughter of Quicksilver and the Inhuman Princess Crystal. Luna was born on the moon hence the name and at first thought to be the first Inhuman/mutant. It was later revealed Quicksilver is not a mutant by the High Evolutionary but a mutate so she’s a human/inhuman hybrid. She has the power of empathy, some mind control, and telekinetic healing abilities. With Wanda’s boys getting all the love let’s not forget Luna who’s the most interesting and unique of the 3 Maximoff grand kids. No media news or immediate comic news here just a cheap good first appearance to grab next time your’e flipping through bins.


Oh man. I thought I was high on fumes while reading that. That’s a tough knot to puzzle on even coming out of Marvel.

Actually, you are high on fumes, but that has nothing to do with it.