Quick Specs: New X-men Academy #1

With Avengers Academy blowing up recently due to Strange Academy, it’s time to take a look at the first Marvel Academy book that was released in 2004 New X-men Academy. While many of the characters do first appear elsewhere like New Mutants vol2 it does contain a few first appearances. Dryad, Quill, Audio, as well as the new X-men Academy as a team. Real cheap book can be found for cover just like when we talked up Strange Academy and Avengers Academy before they took off. With all the academies for both publishers seeing gains (Gotham, Teen Titans, Strange, Avengers, academies) kind of a no brainer at cover price, best of all one cover no incentives, no exclusives, no convention variants.


I dug this series. issue 31 is also the first appearance of Kimura, X-23’s Sabretooth basically. Sure she’s dead but YA NEVER KNOW

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