Quick Specs: Star Wars #31 Hunt For Aurra Sing

In the ever changing list of Star Wars 1st appearances it looks like people are starting to consider this 1st Darth Krayt instead of that pricey Star Wars legacy 1. Copies have been flying the last 24 hrs. There’s a regular copy and a hasbro variant that comes with a Star Wars toy 2 pack. The hasbro cover will not have a barcode like the regular version. Thanks to @Comp82 for sharing.


Hers what’s in the book making people say this

It’s moving because it was featured on another site article regarding it being some sort of “hidden gem”.
Not arguing the point though.

For me…the factor of Darth Krayt is in his dark side look…which isn’t in this issue. I get that it shouldn’t matter…but his image in full Vonduun crab armor is sort of “his thing” and what makes him so cool. We don’t get that in this issue.

He also hasn’t really fully succumbed to the Dark Side yet, is still fighting it, and hasn’t yet truly become Darth Krayt.


It’s kinda of the same thing Anakin was Darth Vader before he ever had any armor he became Darth Vader when he took out Mace Windu not when he got his armor and became part robot.

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This is more similar to saying Darth Vader’s first appearance would be when Anakin went bat shit crazy on the Tuskens then.

Darth is a title that is sort of given or taken…it isn’t just something that “is” or implied. Vader doesn’t become “Darth Vader” till Sidious names him such.

This is a book where A’Sharad Hett is having some bad thoughts…does he become Darth Krayt? Absolutely…eventually. He even goes on after the events in the book to become a Jedi…Just not under the guidance of Ki Adi Mundi. There is a long time frame and many events before we get to the point of him taking on the mantle of Darth Krayt.

The only thing this book could be titled is:

An appearance of A’Sharad Hett moving towards the dark side and having bad thoughts

Funny because I picked these up a few months back thinking I had seen it mentioned a few times as having potential.

I also saw the article last night and kind of shrugged my shoulders…seemed kinda a weak argument.

Book 7 is still THE book, IMO.



That’s funny. I fished it out of a box of unbagged, unboarded, unpriced books at my LCS today. LCS owner shrugged at the pile of Dark Horse Star Wars books and said “look like $3.00 books to me!”

It’s yet another iteration of A’Sharad Hett/Darth Krayt on his road from Tusken adoptee -->to Jedi -->to Legacy Sith Lord. Is the revelation that Wolverine had bone claws in the 90s when Magneto removed his Adamantium a first appearance? No, it’s just a development of his character.

In Super hero comics it’s not a big deal when a character goes from good to evil or Vice verse it was at first but it’s been done to death. With Star Wars it’s different because it’s whole story is really based on the switching of alignments from good to evil even back to good again. With Vader, Lando, Kylo, Dooku, etc.

I think the volatility of the spec comes from how nebulous pinpointing that turn is, though. Short of a character declaring “I am Darth Krayt.” How are you really distinguishing between the two personas? Are the two personas really different personas or just public acknowledgements of a long-passed transition? Was Anakin evil from the start? Was the Darth part of him always there in his resentment stemming from his enslavement? It’s why I never paid any credence toward the distinction between A’Sharad Hett and Darth Krayt anyway. It’s the same character. I have no horse in the race anyway because I own all his appearances in triplicate and I’m not selling. I’m just saying that the debate seems inherently self-serving for those involved. Unless you’re buying or selling, when he “became” Darth Krayt is of little importance to you.

So Darth Vader’s first appearance is Revenge of the Sith trade paperback from March 2005 and not Star Wars #1 from 1977?

Yeah, as I remember, Legacy is 127 years after the Battle of Yavin. A long time.

First appearance in chronological order and first appearance in comics are two different things

The comics cover this chronological progression and story. He simply is not Darth Krayt at this point/in this comic. Not even remotely close.

We should tell Key Collector to label it as:
“Random Appearance of the guy who later down the road becomes Darth Krayt after a ton of other stuff happens”.



So my thought experiment is this:

Imagine no other Star Wars comics exist and all we have is:

a. The Phantom Menace paperback (released in year one);
b. Attack of the Clones paperback (released in year two); and
c. Revenge of the Sith paperback (released in year three).

Which of these scenes is Darth Vader’s first appearance in this hypothetical:

Phantom Menace: We first meet Anakin.

Attack of the Clones: Anakin first questions Jedi training and doctrine:

Attack of the Clones: Anakin kills in anger:

Revenge of the Sith: Anakin refuses to hold Palpatine accountable with Windu and bows to Palpatine, is named Lord Vader:

Revenge of the Sith: We see him in armor:

You see what I mean? It’s nebulous. It’s a process.

I know this is all besides the point. A hot book is a hot book is a hot book, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. I’m just saying that pinpointing Star Wars 31 as the book is as arbitrary as any other book A’Sharad Hett is in.


Definitely not first Darth Krayt. But a key in the aspect of his turning. Could be a decent key if the character ever heats up. Definitely not first Darth Krayt though.

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