Quick Specs: Star Wars #56 1st Shira Brie, #88 1st Lumiya

Looks like people are specing that the hooded figure in the coming season of the Mandalorian is Shira Brie who later becomes the female Vader known as Lumiya. Here’s a brief summary of the character from Star Wars Comic Collector…:…

Few characters introduced in the original Marvel Comics run were used outside of the comic and Shira Brie is one of those characters. She started off as a companion pilot for Luke Skywalker in Star Wars #56 which quickly developed into a romantic relationship over the next few issues.

Star Wars #56a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (February 1982)
1st appearance of Shira Brie

Star Wars #56b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (February 1982)
1st appearance of Shira Brie

In issue #61, on a mission which involved Rebel pilots flying TIE Fighters, Luke shoots down Shira’s TIE because the force revealed to Luke that hers was an enemy piloted craft. In Star Wars #63 and we learn that Shira Brie was a spy for the Empire and Darth Vader had rescued her for rehabilitation and training as a dark side user. She would return in Star Wars #88 as the cyborg Lumiya and is defeated by Princess Leia in battle.

Star Wars #88b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (October 1984)
1st appearance of Shira Brie as Lumiya

In the battle against Leia, Lumiya’s cybernetic armor is damaged and she dons a new outfit the next time she is shown in Star Wars #95.

Star Wars #95b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (May 1985)
Lumiya dons new outfit

This time, Lumiya has ditched the Vaderesque cloak and body armor. She is wearing a different headdress, a lighter body suit, and wields a lightwhip. The cover to Star Wars #95 shows the old armor even though she is wearing her new outfit inside. The cover to Star Wars #96 shows the new outfit. She goes on to battle our heroes until the final issue Star Wars #107.

Star Wars #96a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (June 1985)

Star Wars #96b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (June 1985)

In 2006, Del Rey would reintroduce Lumiya in the 9 book series Legacy of the Force . In that story, she is the mentor to the fallen Jedi, Jacen Solo.


Both books are pretty cheap currently $5-$15 each.

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Lot of movement on #88, #56 has moved a half dozen copies this week too.

Never seen movement on the original series outside of 1, 42, 43 and 68. 107 was a low print run.

This is interesting. The original series finally getting some spec?

In the timeframe of the show… would it be shira or lumiya?

Good question I believe her whole story takes part after ROTJ

Also talk that the hooded fig is Sabine Wren.

Star Wars Rebels takes place 14 years after the Clone Wars so right before Rogue One and a New Hope take place. So it would be a older Sabine Wren not too old since the original trilogy spans only 4 years time.

Appreciate the spec…Had these as I’ve always been a fan of the Sith characters and such.
I actually thought we’d see her in Rebels as there were some design sketches of her floating around at one point.
I believe the plating of her whip is Mandalorian Beskar steel which would fit nicely with the show.

The hooded figure is played by Sasha Banks, a wrestler. I can’t see them having a first time actress play such an important character as Sabine.