Quick Specs: The Other Vampire Hunter

With Loki dropping the V word on Disney+ People have been flocking to not just Blade but Elsa Bloodstone and Dracula keys and variants. But there is another Vampire Hunter Anita Blake, 1st appearing in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures #1 from 2006. There is also numerous novels written about the Vampire Hunter Anita. There’s a 1st print, a 1:10 Greg Horn, 1:25 Sketch, a 2nd print, a 3rd print, and a convention exclusive that came out a year later. I have a link here with the 1:25s for cover price plus shipping with multiples available

There’s a couple 1:10s on Amazon
and a 2nd print in fine condition for a $1.50 at midtown.
To whoever reads this first and is intrigued with the character. Dirt cheap highest ratio for a new characters 1st appearance that could have potential.


There’s also a limited edition print - could be an alternative if/when the other covers dry up. Unfortunately no Anita on the cover.


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There’s a convention exclusive as well. The above book listed is either the collected edition or #2.

Yep, my bad! Looks like it’s just a print.

Any thoughts on who the big bad will be for Blade? Still a way away but as we all well know, it’s never to early to spec!

Wondering if any of Dracula’s goons may feature in lieu of the man himself - were there any firsts in Aaron’s War of the Vampires arc?

I love cheap first appearance spec books so much that I bought 13 of the 1:25 and a cgc 9.6 convention edition. Definitely added to my list of books to pick up. Thanks for the info @Alana much appreciated!!



On the same page as you @ToddW, I got 10 of them.

Thanks @Alana !


pretty sure disney/marvel dont own the film rights, id find that out before dumping money into a character for mcu/disney+ spec

At cover price for a 1:25 it’s no real risk $55 with shipping.

There’s certain people on the forums that when they say buy it I just blindly listen and @alana is one of them.


Definitely a no brainer, regardless of who owns the film rights.


It doesn’t have to be a Marvel movie or television show for this cheap spec to pan out. Anita Blake is written by a multi award winning author, she still puts out a book for the character every year to this day with the most recent novel released in February 2021. It almost been made into a movie and tv show before in 2009 pre Disney owning Marvel. There is a pretty large fan base for the stories not quite Anne Rice but close. So any movie or tv news whether Marvel or another production company will get this dirt cheap ratio moving. The fan base is there, there is a vast amount of content for a long running film or television adaptation, and the award winning creator of Anita Blake obviously has some contacts in the entertainment world that could get the project moving.


Anytime you spend money on a collectible/speculation, it’s a risk. And why are you guys buying inot this character NOW ??? And not like, 10 years ago…? There is no fan base for this. If there was, copies would have dried up years ago.

Marvel doesnt own the character. She will never be in a movie or tv show for Disney.

Marvel doesnt own the rights to ANY of these characters: Dabel Brothers Productions | Marvel Database | Fandom

This isn’t listed as a MCU spec I don’t know why you all keep saying it is

Because you mentioned it above…

No I didn’t

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So why even mention Loki, Blade, Elsa Bloodstone and vampires in the MCU…?..

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Because I’m talking about another Vampire Hunter in Marvel comics had it been a MCU spec it would be labeled as MCU.

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Here’s the comichron for issue #1

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If there was no fan base for this I don’t think the author would be able to publish a novel every year for the character for the past 26 years.